Friday, November 23, 2012

:: 8 Weeks ::

:: 10-10-12 ::
Welcome to 8 weeks baby!
Dear baby,
For some reason being 8 weeks makes this feel more official.
8 seems like a big # to me and it is!
I  have my first baby appointment coming up this week.
I won't get to hear or see you yet, but in the next few weeks we will!

:: 10-15-12 ::

Week 8 has been quite rough. Feeling very sick, very nauseous, very achy.   
I'm having a really rough time getting to sleep.
I feel super uncomfortable no matter how I lay, but I think that's due to feeling so sick.

Despite all the sickness today was a special day!
 I had my first baby appointment!
It was just the nurse visit.
I get anxious going to the doctors, so I prayed and prayed for a nurse I would feel comfortable with.
I got a really sweet older lady and I loved her. She had a special grandma feel to her.
 She went over everything on what to expect these next months.
I learned some things, and I have some "homework" she gave me before my 10 week appointment.
I've only gained 5 pounds so far. That's good, because I thought it might be more.
I was then sent off to have my blood drawn, and it went great.
Oh and she prescribed me some medicine for the nausea.
She said it may make me sleepy, but at this point,
bring on the sleeping instead of the sickness!
Wow, this is all becoming more and more real day by day. 

Some days I feel huge already, but today I feel pretty normal in size.

Exciting news!
We have begun plotting and planning on how we are going to announce you
to our family and friends. We're pretty pumped about all those fun plans.
We are waiting quite awhile to announce, because we really want to
do it in person with our family, but we won't be seeing them till Thanksgiving.
So I'll be about 14 weeks along when we announce you to the world. 

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