Friday, December 28, 2012

:: Crazy Baby ::

This was by far one of the best congratulations Kevin and I received. 

Our friend Bryan is super creative and is awesome with a camera.  Byran's been a good friend of Kevin's for years. We appreciate him and the time he put into this awesome video. :)

I hope you find the humor and awesomeness in this video like we did. 
(Lyrics below the video)

Crazy Baby from Bryan Richards on Vimeo.

:: Lyrics ::

Yo. 2012.
My boy, Kevin, is hav’n a little boy…or girl…we don’t know, yet.
Yo son, He showed me...
His appreciation, time I show him appreciation back, son.
Yo, we doin this right now Kevin. You're crazy for this, son.
Here we go! Here we go.
Bring it dfiasodnfsdf

Here we go right now.
The future is here.
It's looking bright.
So realize.

What can I say, Kev? I'm proud of ya, son.
Came all the way to here, then back again, son.
It's beyond me, to see how someone like you
Could get no congrats, at where it's due.

Gotta say, I'm sorry, son. Had a lot on my plate,
But Kevin, even though I may say it enough,
I eat the dunking fatts out of love out of you,
and shant funk where due
and we ain't lookin back.

And erbuddy got der baby in my face,
And it gets hard to distinguish everything today.
And I want you to know that I really care,
So consider this offer that I give to you.

I’m pretty good with names…
Maybe you could, let me name—let me name – let me name your babayee…
I know it sounds insaaaane…But life won’t be the same
Let me name…let me name your baby…


Abraham – It’s in the Bible son!
Balthazaar – It’s Barbaric son!
Bane – It’s Batman son!
Abraham – It’s Presidential too, son!
LazerDog – Shoots lasers son!
Galvatron – Oh, F*#K yea, son!
Slayer – That’s Metal son!

Get a pin, cuz now they comin son!

Tie-­‐Fighter - Star Wars, son!
Terminator – I’ll be back son!
Bill Murray -­ Ghostbuster son!
Beauwolf – CG Graphics!
Clarence – Old School Son!
Mastadon – METAL SON!

Woo! Yea, you can do better than that. Here we go, one time. On mo’ time!
Yea! Woo! Woo!

Yea that’s what I’m talkin about. Take it away. Yea!

This is as real as it gets son.
This is real life.
Proud of ya son.
Yea Kev, you’re my boy.
Any of these names are yours for the takin.
You take em…and den you run wit em.