Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Adventures of Leonidas...

Leo knows how busy mommas area is at work lately, so he got up early, dressed in his finest shirt, and offered to come help key some transcripts today. Here he is asking, "Ready? Ready to go?" Unfortunately, I had to break his little servant heart, and tell him no go on helping me at work. I gently explained that having no thumbs would cause issues when trying to type.  Poor buddy.

Leo was a little sad when I broke the news to him. Here he is holding back tears.

But after a few minutes of gathering his emotions and accepting the fact that work was not in his cards that day, he then chirped right back up and became his happy self ones again.

This is Leonidas Winston Peabody and he is happy to help, love, and give kisses all the time. :)

I would hire him.