Friday, January 2, 2009

Bringing in the New Year 80's Style

Sweet Dreams are Made of These!

Kevin & I decided to bring in the New Year 80's style. We expected the party to raise the roof higher than every one's shoulder pads. And it did! It was a blast! Everyone showed up dressed to impress. We had a lot of fun, who knows maybe we all should start dressing like this again- it was very easy to find the gear. Wish we could have been with our Mi friends & family, but that's OK, everything was great. :) Here are some pictures of some good times.

Me with the Dougherty sister! Ash-Bash & Sporty-Dougherty/ JEM

Frank & Tim rocking it out.Not sure what was up with the jumping thing - but everyone did it & it made for some fun pictures. :) Here's a few of them.
Kristy, Sara, Liz & Ashleigh
I look like a crazy person.

Hanging out with the JEM girls

JEM- the Dougherty sisters - love these girls. :)

Getting some grub - Phil - Justin - & Missy

The Hiltons- Love Sara's jeans and crimped hair!

Rock Band was an all night event

Kevin and his short shorts + mustache makes him pretty amazing

Wendy & Bailey getting their sing on
Frank & his lovely girlfriend - We miss Frank when he's gone for military stuff :(

Yeah that's how we do it!


Austin - Tim - Me

Up Stairs view of the party

So HOT! Wish he would dress like this more often!

Too cute - Bailey & Missy

Justin rockin it out

Joy carrying her husband who's like 10 times her size

What can I say? He just doesn't stop the hotness!

Some of us girls - Bailey, Beth, Leslee, me, Ashleigh, & Sporty

Perfect. I am planning on cutting my hair this way. lol

Scott wearing my earrings

Leo was so tuckered out

New Year's Eve Kiss

We took this picture right when the ball dropped. :)

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