Saturday, June 25, 2011


So, I'm pretty much obsessed with this song by Adele. 
I keep playing it over and over, and I think Kevin might kick me at some point. 

I haven't been up on the blogging much this year but I have had my reasons.
1. I just don't have time. [work, school, church, husband, life... you know]
2. It was becoming too consuming, and was taking my focus off of God and putting it too much on me. Sometimes I'm just not good at balancing it all. Relate?
3. Been focusing my attention on my school work. I'm trying hard to finish strong. Too much internet/blogging tends to keep me from studying like I should.

That's about it. I would like to at least try to blog something once a week becuase I really do enjoy the outlet. Who knows. We'll see where the tide rolls.

Just wanted to share two small projects I recently completed. 

Bought this vintage mirror at a friends yard sale. Spray painted it white and ended up putting it in my kitchen. Love it!



For this one I forget to take a before picture of the outer frame. It was brown, and given to me by my grandmother years and years ago. The center mirror piece I found at the DAV. 
I had spray painted these a few weeks ago, and have been procrastinating at putting them up in our bathroom. But when I came home today from getting my hairz did, I was pleasantly surprised that Kevin had taken it upon himself and put them up for me. Thanks babe! ;)

Oh, I should mention that this bathroom of ours has been a work in progress for about 5 yrs now. We JUST bought a sink for it and the faucet should be here Wed.! I'm stoked. It will be nice to not have to wash my hands in the kitchen sink after using this bathroom. ;) 


What do you think of the color of this bathroom? This is the 3rd color I've painted it, and I'm still not over the moon for it. ;/ I think at this point I'm just going to leave it though. I was going for a more mint color, but it turned out a little more blue than I wanted. Oh well, it has a clean feel to it, so that's good.
Me, getting my hair died and cut. I got a good two inches off, and it's still this dang long. 
It was getting out of control. I was starting to feel very Amish with such long hair. Kevin was freaking out about me taking two inches off. I had to put my foot down, and get what I knew it needed. It's still long, but now feels so much lighter. love love.
Here's my hair after getting it cut [above & below]. See, still long. No need to fret.
{I was trying on dresses at J.Crew for fun. Didn't buy one. I did buy a pair of jeans though, and let me tell you, they fit so amazing! I've never tried on a pair of their jeans before. These ones were on sale for 25$, which is good for J.Crew, so I HAD to buy them. I haven't been fitting in my jeans lately [[[depressing]]] so it felt good to find a comfortable pair.}

Kev's a stud and a trooper. He HATES to shop for clothes. We've been on a vest hunt, and we seriously stopped in every store in the Burg trying to find the right one, and he handled it well... though he stayed silent most the time, I knew he was trying hard to hang in there and shop with me.
Here we are at J.Crew trying to find one. 
Love this guy.
{No vest found yet. Man hunt it still ON.}
Oh, we did find this gem at Good Will though. Definitely hot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good friends of ours little boy Nolan had his first birthday this past weekend. It was definitely a lot of fun and it ranked party of the year in my book for sure! ;)

Thought I would share with you the preciousness of Nolly-Poly-Pants.

Carter (Nolan's dad did all the camera work)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Feather & Belle

Music I'm currently devouring.