Thursday, April 25, 2013

:: 35 Weeks :: Baby Shower

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Welcome to Week 35!
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This has been a week of wonderful events and surprises. :) 
For starters I finished my little guys hospital outfits. I know he might not wear them all, but I at least want to use one of them for his hospital pictures. I still need to pick out a going home outfit. I might use one of these or get something different. * *The bow ties are interchangeable  photo 59B0FDC9-C546-4823-BB6D-175D339515BE-52053-000002B7A5D69A48.jpg  photo B49A815B-3DAE-4F48-8F57-B796DF1327DE-52053-000002B7ABBC2F33.jpg  photo 2A32AC5E-C136-4F22-8B95-A51EC9E0F60E-52053-000002B74867EB16.jpg 
I also finally got my hair cut and dyed. I had been holding off as long as I could before baby arrives. I figured it would be good to get my hair done before my baby shower though. I decided to go for an ombre and also took a good 2 or so inches off. I think it turned out great! It was a really long process since my hair is naturally so dark. I was at the salon for about 5 1/2 hours.
 :: Here's the process :: 
Before any dye:
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After bleach:
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With three different colors being added after bleach. HOT huh? ;P  photo C798D213-D4AB-482F-9925-E064FF0C0685-52053-000002B7510B9EAA.jpg 
Finial Product!
  photo E022A2CB-5FF9-443C-ACE2-1927738F34AF-52053-000002B75845EAB2.jpg  photo 9F1E0768-EFD8-4D10-BBE5-28371DE41B7E-52053-000002B78B91907C.jpg  photo 9CCCAFA8-58F1-4E55-8E08-5043EBBFBAAD-52053-000002B77F20A131.jpg photo E3536EB7-3A26-4738-8A0F-2E4787FB43BD-52053-000002B786AC13EC.jpg
I was so blessed to have three of my good friends throw me a baby shower. 
So many friends showed up. It was an awesome time with great food and great conversations
My nursery has the "Where the Wild Things Are" theme incorporated in it, so they included those characters into the shower for the photo booth. It was super cute and super fun. 
I have to say though - in almost every picture I have the same expression and I'm holding my belly. Don't know why I didn't switch it up a bit. ;)  I think it's just a natural reaction at this point to always be holding my belly. 
Martha & baby my friend Anna's baby Mya :: adorable
Mary and her baby Grace :: adorable
Some photo booth props ::
Amanda, Karen, & Mary
Maria with sweet baby Mya
Some yummies
Karen, Liz & Marth
Group shot!
Pulling out the props :)

Baby Eve (above)
There were 4 babies at the shower - all girls! Plus 3 of us that are pregnant & one who just had a baby, but left him home. :)

Crysty & I - one of my sweet friends who put on the shower for me.
Where the Wild Things are - love it!
Amanda - who just had a little boy about a month ago. :)
Vanesaa, Marth, Jo, and Kate. :) Jo's one of the other preggies.

Stacey and her precious little girl. Her 4th baby! She's amazing.
Sara & Kristy :)

Beth & I - She's pregnant too. :)

Decor - these pom poms were everywhere - and I LOVED it. So bright and cheery!

Guest book! Such a cute idea ::
My friend Liz bought this kids dictionary and asked that people pick and circle a word in it, and write a little note next to it explaining why they picked it. 
Examples below:

Diapers. Can't get enough of those right? We'll be cloth diapering after he grows out of newborn diapers.
A few selfies. :P Had to show the details of my outfit!
Week 35 has been great.
As we sail into the unknown, I'm so grateful for the love that surrounds us.
Thank you all. It means a lot. :)