Monday, August 20, 2012


I have to admit, I sometimes have hair envy over girls who can curl there hair like this. Hair 
This is Laura Lentz, Pastor Carl Lentz's wife (he's the pastor for Hillsong NYC). 
To me her hair has the perfect wave. 
Not too curly, but enough to give it volume and style.
She's so beautiful!
When I try to curl my hair, it either doesn't curl or it curls too much... 
meaning the curls are too tight (which I don't like on myself). 
Every once in a while I attempt to curl my hair. Here's an attempt the other night.
Something about the curl feels too formal, and I don't like that feeling. 
I've tried many ways to curl my hair, but I have yet to get the desired results. 
I've tried all sizes of curling irons, hair straighteners, a hair wand and I've even done the sock curls. 
If anyone has tips, that would be awesome.
On a different note. 
I added highlights back to my hair this weekend. 
I already had the blonde there, but they darkened from getting my hair dyed a week ago. 
I did it myself. It's super tough to do it yourself, at least for me it is. 
I'm surprised it turned out how I wanted it. 
I would like to add more, but probably won't on my own.
Not the best pics, but you can kind of see the blonde.
 Even though I'd like wavy hair once in awhile, I'm still very grateful
for the hair I do have. 
Truth be told, we are never satisfied with what WE have. 
I'm not trying to sound proud, 
but I'm sure someone out there would love to have my hair, 
and vice versa -  I would love to have there's instead. 
 I am very thankful to even have hair, and some days I have to remind myself of that.
I'm just being picky and wanting my hair to curl a certain way.
Life goes on and there are bigger things to concern myself with so
if I never achieve "the curl" it's not the end of my world ;)