Sunday, June 2, 2013


Abram David Van Wynsberg 

:: AKA ::

Thief of our hearts

:: Born ::

May 24, 2013

7.1 lbs - 19.75 in

:: Labor & Delivery :: 
-short version-
Water broke at 5:30am, May 24th. 
Contractions started 
& Abram was here au naturale at 8:44am. 

My heart is bursting at the seams with so much love, so many emotions, and so much change.
I have so much that I want to write about concerning my labor/delivery, our little guy, and all that has been going on with us during this new time in our lives. As you can imagine though - I don't have the time or energy to sit down and really type out all my heart is holding, so for now I leave you with pictures of our first week together. 
It's only right to start these pictures out with the only laboring picture we have of me. 
Here I am mid contraction. See the notecard on the bed? My sweet friend Martha put 
together a bunch of verses for me to read while laboring. The verses helped, and praying in the spirit helped too. Although painful and hard...the whole night/morning was a miracle, a blessing, and beyond what I could have ever imagined myself going through. 
I need to mention too that Kevin was the best coach. He helped me SO MUCH with my breathing. If you've ever felt a fully dilated contraction (without epidural) you too probably know it's easier to hold your breath than it is to breathe.
  Thank you babe for being my breath when I needed it.  

Daddy and his boy. We think he looks more like Kev. 
People have also said that he looks like my brother Tyler when he was a baby. I can see it. :)

Sweet drawing to Abram from his little friend Alaina. :)

Not the most attractive pics, but glad Kevin captured such a raw moment of me with my babe. 
I was bawling and bawling like a baby in awe on my little guy. 

 Grandpa Van Wynsberg with tears of joy. ;)

 It was oddly sad to say goodbye to this room.

 Waking up from his first night home. 

  This face. I could kiss it every second. 
Those eyes. I could stare into them all day.

 Grandpa was having Abram do some tummy time. 

 First time having the breeze in his toes. 
 Daddy's a good feeder. **I am breastfeeding too** - just currently having to top him off with formula. 
Breastfeeding is no joke. So thankful though that Abram latched right away. 
Sorry if that's a little TMI. ;0)

The boys being silly.

 On our way home from Abe's first appointment. 
He was 6.11oz and doing well. 
The doctor gave us really good tips on getting him on a good day/night feeding/sleeping routine. 
Praying we get it all figured out and on a good schedule. 

Thank you everyone for your support as we tackle the change of becoming parents. We are so thankful for each kind word, each thought, each meal provided, and each prayer you've blessed us with. 
Thank you!