Friday, November 23, 2012

:: 4 Weeks ::


:: WEEK 4 ::

Dear baby,

You have been anticipated for a long time now.
We've had quite the roller coaster getting to you.
Your daddy and I had been praying for you before we even knew you existed. 
When I found out you were here on September 12, 2012
I was elated, shocked, excited and surprised.

Week 4 has been very surreal.
I discovered you on a Wednesday morning before work
 and decided to keep you a secret till Friday (9-14).
I had a plan on how I wanted to surprise your daddy,
and Friday was a good day for it since we had a dinner date night already planned.
Wednesday and Thursday couldn't have felt any longer as I anticipated your big reveal.
I welcomed work as a distraction.
I combed through the internet trying to make sense of what was now going on in my body.
So much to read, so much to learn about your little life forming!

I scheduled my 8 week prenatal appointment & the 10 week appointment where we get to see you.
Making these appointments felt so good.
It made you feel all the more real. 
I held my tongue this week.
It was hard to not shout it from the rooftops to my close friends that you are here,
but I was determined that your daddy would be the first to hear about you. 
First test 9-12-2012
 Second test - 9-14-2012

Friday, September 14th 2012 
(pictures below)
I decided to include the babes, because they are so special to us
and I knew your dad would be tickled to have them be part of the reveal.
I found these cute baby onesies and decorated them to say,
"big sister," and "big brother."
Before we left for dinner I told your dad that I had bought the dogs Halloween costumes
and that I wanted to show him what the dogs looked like dressed in them.
So he decided to finish some work while I surprised him with the "Halloween" costumes I bought.
I also had an extra onesie that I decorated and put on it, "daddy's little Dunks."
I took a pregnancy test as I was getting the dogs dressed, and wrapped the test (once it showed positive) into the "daddy's little Dunks" onesie.
I had Leo carry it as they ran into the room to show off their costumes.
Your dad didn't quite catch on at first.
He thought I was planning way ahead IF we got pregnant, but once he opened the onesie with the pregnancy test, he quickly realized his world had just changed.
He was SO excited. As soon as he caught on, he squealed and ran towards me and hugged me so tight.
He was absolutely thrilled.
He quickly got on his knees and began talking to you and said a sweet prayer for you.
You are quite the BIG DEAL. 
The onesies I crafted. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Bailey sportin her big sister gear :)
Leo looks thrilled, Bailey not so much. haha
Leo sportin his gear too :)
A proud papa.
Saying hi and talking to baby. So sweet. :)
Dunks started lecturing me about how  he was going to do whatever he needed, to keep me from
getting stressed during the pregnancy.  He said he would do whatever I needed, BUT to not get too used to it, haha! what-a-guy, love that he's taking his role so serious!

After the BIG REVEAL
We each told one friend about you.
That way we could have someone other than each other to talk with,
and the reassurance that others are praying for you right now.

So far I've continued to run with my group of girls.
I wonder how much longer till they will suspect something. :)
I haven't had any serious symptoms yet.
*Tender/hurting breasts
*Slight headaches 
*Slight cramping

 I can't wait to see what week 5 has in store for us!

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