Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Hobby.

We've done A LOT, and I mean A LOT to our house in the past 3 1/2 years, with good reason though! Our house was originally a Foreclosure which entailed a lot of fixing up to do. You can Click HERE --> to see the beginning Before & Afters of our house. 
We were able to get a lot done when we first purchased the house, and ever since then it's been small projects here and there.
I feel like a house is ALWAYS in "project" mode. This could be because I'm not rich and like most normal people I have to save up and get creative with things in order to afford what I want to do in my home. It would be so nice to complete ALL the projects at once, but that's not reality {at least my reality}, It keeps life interesting though! I enjoy house projects, it's just a matter of time, money, and inspiration! :-)

I recently made a list off all my TO DO's around my house. This list is long, and I'm sure along the way it's going to change, or things will be added to it. For awhile now I've been hitting a wall for ideas on some specific rooms in my house, but I think having a list and making them a "goal" will help me get creative and venture out of my box.  Here's my house goal list {for now}.

**They're other things more important in life that take up a big majority of my time, so this list could potentially take me awhile, but this is a hobby, and hobbies are allowed to last a life time ;p
**Also! I would love to have all this done before we start having kids, therefore I need to get my butt in gear {{dreaming big}} HA!.

{ House Goals }
Downstairs goals:
Finish Downstairs Bathroom
o   Painting
o   Wallpaper - Recently bought a sample of this and loved it: Vintage Flock 
o   Sink - Already have it picked out, but it's a matter of saving up for it. 
o   Decor
o   Fixtures
o   Rug
PS - I've painted my downstairs Bathroom 3 times now, and I've ended up hating it every time. This bathroom has become my never ending challenge. {insert mean face}

·         Downstairs Paint Touch Ups
o   Ceilings
o   Stairs
o   Finish baseboards/window ceils

·         Fix Quarter Round
o   Front door

·         New Kitchen Fixtures
o   Oven fan 
o   Microwave/ & stand {this is Kevin's dream; he HATES our microwave stand with a passion, I personally think it's fine. He's weird ;)}

·         Down Stairs Decor
o   Dinning room walls 
o   New Chair in Nook
o   Carpet in Nook
o   Canvas painted for Stairway
o   Stairway Wallpapered: - Recently bought a sample of this; it's Kev's favorite: Solitude
o   Shoe/Key/ rack - something like this: j-me
o   Create Chalkboard - Had no idea I could make my own; Inspired by (click) Jenn & Amanda {other cheeka's who have an eye for design}

Upstairs goals:
·          Master Bedroom
o   Decorate Walls - Already have canvas's to paint; it's a matter of getting inspired
o  Long sturdy mirror 
o   Sitting chair or bench

·          Guest/Sewing Room
o   Decorate Walls
o   Shelves/storage for Craft items
o   Curtains
o   Clean out closet/Organize 

This is ONLY the inside of my house. I have yet to even TOUCH the outside! I hate gardening and would much rather be dreaming about the inside of my house. I definitely have dreams for the outside, but that's going to be a very slow work in progress for me. My dream is {if I had the money} I would hire someone to do it for me. Who knows maybe one day I will be a fan of gardening. Don't get me wrong I want it to look nice, but not by my labor. ;P  Thinking about it, I need my friend Tiffany from Michigan to come visit me!! She's amazing! Check out her site: EarthyGirl.

I was going to post some pictures on some resent little projects we did over the weekend, but this post has gotten quite long so I need to take a break. Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow, if not this week sometime.