Wednesday, January 9, 2013

:: 20 Weeks ::

Welcome to 20 weeks!
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This been one of the most exciting and life changing weeks of my pregnancy. 

This week we found out the gender of our sweet baby. 

:: BOY ::

Being that I'm the oldest in my family, before getting pregnant I always imagined myself having a girl first (because I was first). Kevin on the other hand always imagined a boy first (he comes from an all boy home). 
A little bit into the pregnancy I started feeling like it would be a boy and so did Kev, but about a week or so before we found out, we started feeling like it was a girl. 
Therefore whatever it would be we were going to be surprised for sure. 

During our ultrasound our little man wasn't shy on sharing his gender. The technician caught it before she was even looking for it. Since she wasn't looking for it, and blurted it out when she saw it, it took Kevin and I both by surprise. I think we both imagined her telling us WHEN she would be looking for the gender. I have no complaints though, it was fun being surprised like that. 

I didn't cry, but Kevin did. 
I was in more of a surreal state of shock. 
Kevin not so much. 

Once I got home and really started to think on my little guy, I then became overwhelmed with honor and joy of knowing I'm having a son. I've always wanted a boy and a girl, but for some reason I never imagined the true love I would feel knowing I was having a boy. The feelings I feel for him have taken me by complete surprise.

I'm seriously overwhelmed with honor and blessings knowing we get to introduce a little man Van Wynsberg to this world. Boys and girls individually have unique qualities to offer, so thinking about them for our little boy is truly incredible. 

When I look at his profile (which I do often, because I'm smitten) 
my heart melts and swells with wonder and hope in ways I never imagined. 
Here he is being shy. He refused to show us the front of his face. That's OK though, because I get to have another ultrasound on the 16th. They would like to look at his heart some more. They don't have any cause for concern, just needing to get a better look. :)

:: Gender Reveal ::

For our gender reveal party we invited some of our closest friends to Rivermont Pizza.
I made homemade vanilla bean cupcakes and added blue frosting to the middle.
The cupcakes turned out delicious. I will definitely be making these again.
During dinner we took a vote on who thought boy and who thought girl.
From the jar that people guessed correctly we picked two names and gave them a gift card to Starbucks.
More people guessed boy than girl. ;)

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Here we are heading to head out to the party ;)
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Some pictures from the evening. 
Thank you so much to everyone who came out and celebrated with us. 
It really meant a lot. :)

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Kev passing out cupcakes. :)
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Bailey fell asleep against my belly. Keeping baby warm.
Also, this week was special, because Kevin felt the baby kick for the first time. :)
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We began writing down and talking about baby names. :) I think we might have one picked out, but we're still not sure if we will be announcing it once we settle on it. 
Yes we are those people, but that's OK.

I've also settled on a nursery theme. It's all coming together in my head and on Pinterest. ;)

In other news we had to say goodbye to my brother Tyler on Monday. 
It was such a pleasure getting to have him here for two weeks. 

The boys at Snowflex with a beautiful sunset. 
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My brother is a wealth of random health facts. 
He taught us a lot about health stuff, and a lot about what God is doing/teaching him in his life. 
So neat. :)
We love you Ty!
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Well that about sums up what took place during week 20 of pregnancy. 
Now onto all the planning and preparation that needs to take place!

Remnant Reading (R&R) & more

Dear friend, 

I want to invite you again: 

 Get connected. Get accountable. Make this year different. 

I want to invite you along...
I want to invite you to make 2013 different...
I want to invite you to become the remnant...
I want to invite you to experience God's truth this year...
I want to invite you to experience your fathers love...
I want to invite you to forward moving...
I want to invite you to change...
I want to invite you to love...
I want to invite you to strength...
I want to invite you to peace...
I want to invite you to becoming the warrior your heart was made to be...

I wanted to extend the offer again. 
It's never too late. 
If you can't or simply don't want to meet in person like the previous invite stated we'd be doing.
We've begun a private group on Facebook (Remnant Reading &more...)
where you can find encouragement 
and resources you need there without having to meet in person once a month.
Meet other women who are journeying through the Word too.
If you would like to be added to the group on FB let me know. 
Private message me through Facebook
 Get connected. Get accountable. Make this year different.
Love, Melanie
Something shared on R&R today:
"You hear God's Word, but then you speak God's Word, so you can do God's Word. Your faith will be activated when you begin to say what God says." - Faith Confessions - S.Furtick

Speaking God's Word out loud isn't something I have a habit of doing. I'd really like to start doing it much more. There is so much power in our words. I love how Steven puts it in perspective.

What is one thing you'd like to see God's Word fulfill in your life?

To answer my own question above: I would like to speak freedom from jealousy over my life. I don't struggle with this too often, but when I do, it really has a way of bringing me down hard. I begin feeling hopeless and worthless; simply not good enough to be anyone or anything special. It puts me in a dark place where love and peace are hidden. I want to choose love instead of jealousy. Ultimately I think it boils down to not being focused on "self". Less of me. More of Him.