Monday, April 22, 2013

:: Chair Redo :: Leo :: Highchair

This project took me awhile, but I was VERY determined to get it done before my April 21st baby shower & before baby arrived. 
 :: Chairs BEFORE ::
   photo AD01535E-5B75-4202-B307-2DC25008B17B-52317-000002BA17F65D6D.jpg  photo C6D131DD-F36F-4E60-86BF-0D70DA91EA9E-52317-000002BA3738AC5B.jpg  photo 37143811-ED71-443C-808A-DB4E6C3D5B62-52317-000002BA6187EACB.jpg 
 :: Chairs AFTER :: 
The chairs brighten up the room a lot. Which I love. :)

:: Leonidas & the Highchair  ::
Since I had our nice camera out - I was having fun taking a few shots of Leo & Kev putting the highchair together :)

Anyone have this highchair? If so, do you like it?