Friday, May 3, 2013

:: 36 weeks :: Hey, hey lil'guy!

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Welcome to Week 36!
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Hey, hey lil'guy, 

You seem to be growing leaps and bounds these last few weeks. 
My ribs are for sure feeling it! 
Thankfully you don't kick my ribs, but they sure do feel bruised. 
Even my back ribs are feeling the pressure and pain. 
All worth it though. 

I keep telling myself I'm in the home stretch - I can do this! ;)
Crazy how the end has come so quickly. 
I now understand why preggies feel "so ready" towards the end. I'm really starting to feel that.
Although it's not long before we meet you it somehow still feels like an eternity. 

I feel SO blessed that we have made it this far. So thankful. Thank you Lord. 
One negative thing I've noticed about these last few weeks:
I've become more irritable, sensitive, randomly sad, and MUCH more uncomfortable. 
All this is normal. I keep praying that I don't feel this way after you get here though. 
No matter how I feel or how my hormones are raging, I promise to love you. I promise to try my best, and to surrender it all to the Lord. He's our strength and knows exactly what's needed at all times. 

Our adventure together is about to begin. 
Life is about to take on a whole new form. 
My heart is about to change. 
You are about to rock our worlds. 
I'm scared. I'm anxious. I'm happy. I'm excited. 
A bag of emotions as I anticipate life beyond the norm. 
May 22nd. Will you make it till then? Or will you pass that date by?
We shall see. :)

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SO MANY people told me they use this Rock 'n Play' Sleeper. Hoping it's awesome! :)

:: Random belly shots of the week ::
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Kevin has been so sweet to massage my back whenever it's needed.  
Love when he holds or talks to my belly. :)