Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Truth be told

This is how much of a gardener I am NOT
I'm slightly (OK maybe a lot) embarrassed to show this picture. 
Some friends have laughed, so maybe instead of being embarrassed, 
I should choose to laugh too and own up to the fact that I fail miserably in this arena. 
Currently: This is my front "garden," more like front "weeds."  Garden
In all my 6 years of living here, I've never planted a thing in our yard (Dunks hasn't either). 
So I finally got up the nerve around Easter and planted flowers. 
I was proud. I accomplished! I was a gardener! A good neighbor (my poor neighbors).
After this, it felt like I should have been handed some sort of plaque that said,"you're awesome!" 
Let's be real, this is just the left side though...
The right side on the other hand, still has flowers (yes from EASTER) sitting in the pots
desperately wanting to be planted.
I'm shocked that they have survived this long.
Rain and storm, they are still alive in the front yard, sitting next to a bag of soil that I have yet to use. 
::insert shame::

[only the dark pink flowers are still standing in the pots - whatever they are called]
So if you're looking for some tips on growing weeds, I'm your girl! 
Also, my sincere apologies to those of you who have come to my house 
and left wondering deeply about my poor gardening choices. 
AND apologies to any future encounters you might have in my thicket. ;) 
Although I feel like I'm living in a white trash jungle when I look outside,
the weeds made for a beautiful picture after a run one morning.


In my heart I carry them

Among the flowers they bloom

Thorns, prickers; sharp deceptive tools.

But beyond this jungled attraction  

Where weeds have made a distraction

You find beauty rich in soil

Your grace forever loyal.