Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guest Room Complete & MORE!

For awhile now, Kevin and I have had a list of things we wanted to complete in the house. Those things being:

  • Buy a king sized bed , then ->
  • Fix up the "Guest / Sewing room" and put our queen bed in there
  • Buy sewing table
  • Complete the bathroom downstairs
  • Add doors to some of the rooms that are missing them and door handles to the doors
  • + more..

Finally the opportunity came along for us to start working on this list of To Do's. We found a great price for a King sized bed and Frame so we jumped on it fast. The bed and frame are from Ikea, but we bought them used. We were kind of nervous about doing that, but it has worked out great! Plus, we figured this would be a good time for us to get our butts in gear with fixing up the guest room / sewing room, since Brain and Misty will be visiting SOON! Plus, Kevin my love, bought me a new sewing machine for our Anniversary.. so of course I had to have a sewing table! :)

Our queen sized bed (BEFORE the King)

In process of painting the the King Sized bed Frame


So nice and spacious - I can't believe the difference it makes

The Guest/Sewing room



New bed spread bought at Target

Sewing table - WAS RED - but I painted it Grey -

Table and chair from Ikea

More to come: Kevin did finish the bathroom downstairs but I have yet to take pictures of it.