Sunday, November 13, 2011

Old Poetry Throw Back

I have been the WORST blogger this year. :(  This makes me kind of sad, becuase I love to blog. It's a great way to track what's going on in your life. I've been blogging since LiveJournal was popular, and have been writing since I was a little girl. So for me to not write/blog is strange. I have no time for blogging though. :( I think once I'm done with school I'll get back to doing it more consistently. I miss documenting my thoughts, crafts, and life. There's a season for everything, right? :) For now I'll blog when I can and enjoy other blogs along the way.

Since I don't have time to post new pictures and write new thoughts, I thought that I'd share some of my old poetry. I used to write ALL THE TIME. It became my escape when I was a little girl. 
 I still remember writing my first poem in  2nd or 3rd grade, and I still have it memorized too. From that day forward writing was me, it was my life. It was a way of escape when I had no other.  I've never been good with grammar, but I really dodn't care because free writing is not about that to me. 
To me writing is about an expression, not perfection.

So here's a throw back to an old poem I wrote in 2004. I wrote this poem dedicated to guys waiting for their bride to be. It describes how "waiting" for your bride is a lot like how God is waiting to return to His bride. So often, guys (& girls) don't enjoy their single years, and forget to recognize the beauty in the current season. I felt it was fitting to share this one since Kevin and I just returned from a marriage retreat.
**Again, I'm not the best with grammar, so if you're an English major or an amazing 4.0 writer, you will probably spot errors in my writing, so move along if that will drive you crazy. ;)
Tasting Heaven

You see, waiting is what makes for the beauty.
Gods preparing her for you in many ways.

In ways you can't quite fathom, comprehend or explain.

As passion churns and inside fiery flames of love seem to burn
Take this time to see...

Allow God to show you what his heart must feel like,
as He waits to come back for you and me.
We are his bride to be.

He burns with love towards us

A passionate flame-
-one, only He can tame.

We are His desire,
but instead He chooses to wait.

Knowing preparation must take place.

This is also true for you.

That beautiful bride being prepared for her groom.

So as you wait for her

You get a taste of what heaven must be,
... of what its like as God waits for you and me.

I also thought I'd share an old picture of Kevin and I when we were dating. Tee-hee...