Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally... {New and Exciting!}

...after being married for 2 1/2 years!  We've finally ordered our (already paid for, too expensive) wedding pictures! Been meaning to post this, but I've been too busy editing other people's wedding pictures :) With that - I can't get weddings and pictures out of my mind.  We are also finally approving our wedding album. I don't know about you, but after paying a bazillion dollars for our wedding pictures, I should be pretty excited about this! {and I am}  :)

Here's some pictures of the 2 - 8x10's we recently received. I thought I would show you our cool new wall and candles as well-- we have a lot of NEW things going on with this side of the house.  OH, also we will be leaving for this place (see picture below) in a little over a month! I have SO MUCH to get done!

{Paris, France}
Truly a blessing to be able to travel there.

{Wedding: Pictures}
Now I can't wait to get the album. I am going to let you take a peek at the peek I got to see too! There are some corrections I want them to make though before going into print-- I DON'T like Sepia.. and looks to me like they added sepia when I said no sepia. Oh well, easy fix on there end.
CLICK: Album 

Believe it or not this cool candelabra was Kevin's doing!  He surprises me a lot when it comes to interior design.  He had been wanting to put a candelabra in the fireplace for awhile and then one day he was like, "were buying something TODAY-- this is what I like, lets get it".  NICE! That was an easy buy! It was from Pier 1 too... normally I'm the one trying to convince him to spend the money on things like this, but I can tell you this one was all HIM!

{Pictures: Frames}
Kev and I recently added this black and white collage of pictures to this wall.
We are picky about what we put in our house and on our walls. We would rather 
leave them bare until we find exactly what we like for a good price.
We finally made up our minds and went with this. 
You wouldn't know it, but the frames are SUPER cheap from Wal-Mart. 
The 8x10 frames were $2 & the smaller ones were $1.  I'll take it.  
We also ordered the 8x10 pictures through Artscow -- they had a great deal going on. 
Something like 5- 8x10's for $3 or $5 - I can't remember the deal exactly, but I do remember it being a good one. 
Anyways, this side of the house feels more complete.
I do eventually want to put a sweet chair where the ugly desk is... I'm thinking a white chair. We'll see.