Saturday, April 6, 2013

:: 32 Weeks ::

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 Welcome to week 32!
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This week has been full of adventure. :)
For starters Kevin and I traveled to Michigan (where we're both from). 
Friends and family put on a baby shower for me and it was so special. :)
Here's a bunch of photos from our trip.
**PS - sorry some pictures are blurry. I really need to start using my "real" camera instead of my iPhone for everything**
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You know you are in the North when...  photo C0ABCA1A-5DE1-4D97-97B9-5390C5DD841D-46303-00000263625852AB.jpg
*my belly looks HUGE in this picture*
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For party favors each person could take a mason jar and fill it full of candy.
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Some of my friends who were able to make it to the shower. Super thankful for each one of them. :)  photo C28CDF63-74F4-4B22-94EE-51B3968FA325-46303-0000026A4C30F8E6.jpg
My friend Stacy's little girl Ivy was at the shower too. Isn't she a cutie!
I feel like a baby shower isn't complete without a baby there. ;)  photo 6F13E4BC-1916-4282-B378-E56536FC3359-46303-00000268B2722380.jpg
This cake might not be the most awesome looking, but it's the BEST tasting. This was the one thing I pretty much demanded be at the shower. It's from a local bakery (Sweet & Savory) - so delicious. :)
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My siblings and I. My brothers came by at the end of the shower. :)
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The loot - SO beyond thankful for all the blessings people poured out on us at the shower. 
My house is currently a wreck. I've been working on washing baby clothes and sorting things. 
That's a job! I need to get baby V's closest cleaned out so I can get things in there. 
I've noticed that baby clothes sizes aren't accurate. 
One outfit will say 6 months and be bigger than a 12 month onesie. What's up with that!?
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Visiting with family on our trip :: My mom, siblings and I
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Brothers :: soon to be uncles 
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Our diapers and bumper were waiting for us when we got home from our trip.
We'll be cloth diapering after he's out of newborn diapers. :)
Praying it goes well!
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Kevin is so cute. I love how excited he gets about the baby's nursery and other things related to baby. He was more pumped to get the bumper on the crib than I was. He jetted upstairs and did it. Love his heart. I blurred out the background, because baby V's name is on there :)
*I'll eventually take better pictures of the whole nursery and post them*
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:: Random belly shots of the week ::
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We had fun comparing belly's. 
I'm so thankful Kevin loves my growing belly. 
It really means a lot to me that he does. :)
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 YAY to week 32, and more to come!