Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Many things to Celebrate!

Today is our 2 year Anniversary!

2 years ago today we shared our first kiss.
2 years ago today I made a promise to you.
2 years ago today I wed my best friend.

5 years ago today a little girl entered this world.
5 years ago today a little girl captured the hearts of us all.
5 years ago today I gained a precious sister.
Madison Marie
aka - Maddy-taddy-tater-tots
5 years ago today I graduated from a place called Mercy.
5 years ago today I celabrated 7 1/2 long months of change.
5 years ago today I said goodbye to 29 incredible women who were also on a healing journey.
Because of Christ, Today, I celabrate freedom from bondage's
that no longer hold me.
{a picture inside the TN Mercy home I lived in - it was so neat
for Kevin to get to see this place}
{yes all this happened on June 9th - a date of new Beginnings}

Here are some pictures to recap the memories of all these
wonderful blessings we celebrate today
(Please note that the wedding pictures aren't our professional ones!)
Click Here: Ray Anthony Photography to see a video of some of our wedding pictures :)
Getting ready for the BIG DAY! :)
One of my beautiful friends/bridesmaid took this picture of me
you can check out her wonderful work at: Amanda Mattila Photography
We LOVE CAKE! This was one of our "splurges" for the wedding :)
This picture is so grainy - but it is our first dance
My brother Tyler (whom I adore) danced with me in place of my father
Our song was: Orange Sky by: Alexi Murdoch
{Video of song below. It makes me cry every time}

Mama, me & Kevin
Everyone getting their dance on!
Mr. & Mrs. Van Wynsberg