Wednesday, December 26, 2012

:: 18 Weeks ::

Welcome to 18 weeks baby!
  Yes this picture is taken in the bathroom (at work). I don't like taking my bump pics in there, 
because you risk having an awkward moment when someone walks in as you're snapping a selfie. Sure enough it happened to me this time around. Out of insecurity and embarrassment, I ended up telling the lady what I was doing, in hopes that she wouldn't think I just like to take pictures of myself for no good reason. She was sweet about it. ;) Glad that's over. 

 Nothing too different happened in the baby department this week.
It was more of an emotional roller-coaster kind of week.
 Filled with things God is teaching me about my own heart, about love, patience, etc. 
Some of the week was filled with preparing for my brother Tyler to get here on 
Christmas eve and prepping for Christmas. 

Some words from friends and loved ones stood out to me this week. 
I think it had a lot to do with the emotions I was facing. 
Words can be so powerful when you least expect it. 

I was emailing with my friend Sara, and telling her how I feel like I have so much to figure out concerning all this change. 
Her response was very reassuring to me. 

"You are right, there IS a lot to figure out. My advice to you, is to pray about things with Kevin, and be sure to do what feels right for YOUR family. There are so many parenting "trends" out there, its easy to get sucked into things just because its the way your friends are parenting, and that will make you miserable. :) Research and pray and do what feels right!"

As soon as I read the word "pray", I felt like I could take a deep breath again. You know, one of those reminders you just needed to hear. Well this was that for me.
Thanks Sara for that simple yet profound reminder. ;)

:: And then this ::
Ever have someone say something, and it means so much to you that
it almost feels like too much to bear? That was me.
Anytime I thought about what Kevin said to me this day, 
my eyes would fill with tears and I would just wanted to sob.
I'm so grateful for his love. I treasure his words. 
I truly believe God uses him to speak to me. 

I was at work feeling overwhelmed by life, and then this message appeared.

11:01 AMVan Wynsberg, Kevin Paul
I love you and I love our baby.
Can't wait to snuggle both of you at the same time. There's room on my chest for both of you.
11:02 AMVan Wynsberg, Melanie Ann
aw, boo you're making me tear up. I love you SOOOOOO much.
11:02 AMVan Wynsberg, Kevin Paul
: )
11:02 AMVan Wynsberg, Melanie Ann
Baby and I will love snuggling close to your heart.
Van Wynsberg, Kevin Paul
It will be wonderful.

Wow. Talk about a moment and words that make your heart feel secure. 
Isn't this what our heavenly Father says to us all the time? 
He is always there. Never leaving, never forsaking. 
Always room on his chest to feel and hear His heartbeat. 

Christmas is the symbol of this very thing. 
God's son given, so that we can experience the true beating heart of love. 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and is looking forward to the New Year!