Monday, March 30, 2009

The Start of Week 9

(Taken by Kevin)
So, I am heading into week 9 of consistent working out - I have consistently worked out 3 to 5 times a week for 9 weeks. Just 9 weeks, BUT I can feel a tremendous difference. I feel lighter and more bouncy and less lethargic. I definitely think I have gone down a pant size, because my jeans get loose really fast now. The point to this healthy life style isn't really for me to loose weight - it's more so that I want to be as toned and as healthy as I can be before I start having babies plus other things of course. I want to be in the habit of living a healthy life style. I have always been athletic and such, but ever since I broke my leg (about 3 1/2 yrs ago or so) it has been so hard to stick to a regular workout system- I have had to work my way back up to running, I wasn't able to run again up until this past summer. It has been tough, because I still have pain in my leg and often find myself pushing through. I still need to have the 3rd surgery in order to get the plate out of my leg, and I think/am hoping it will help with the pain.

I love going to the gym and running the treadmill, I feel so much better afterwards. I've noticed a drastic difference in my toning ever since I started doing more cardio throughout the week (I was originally doing more exercise classes) - now I have switched to cardio Monday, Wed, & Friday - Tues. & Thurs are reserved for the AWESOME hard abs class LU offers (the class is seriously intense!). Also with the treadmill I have started doing interval running on a steep incline which I think has really benefited my legs in the toning process. My thighs are the toughest part to tone, and slowly but surely I am seeing them take shape.. (back to the shape they were when I got married - oh married body where have you gone!).

Don't get me wrong- to me their are so many other important things to focus on, such a your relationship with God, and family. I have also been working extra hard at spending time to just be with God, and it makes such a difference on the way I view the world, myself, Him, & others around me. Without that relationship first, I feel lost. Speaking of - I am reading this AMAZING book called: Your God is Too Safe - It has helped me SO much in my walk with the Lord. I can't even begin to describe the blessing it has been to me. I highly recommend it to any Christian looking to go deeper in their walk on so many levels. :)

My friend told me about this neat site you can use for free in order to keep track of your nutrition intake and exercise regimen - Here's the link : Gyminee
I also signed up to get daily e-mails from Hungry Girl - Tricks & Tips for Hungry Chic's - I like the daily e-mails because they give you weight watcher recipes and break down the points for you. I am also trying to keep track of my points which is an eye opener to the things we eat daily.

Well that's my update for now - I took some fun pictures over the weeked - I'll post them soon.
Ps. Please pray for Kevin's dad - he lost his job. :( We are praying the best for him. We would LOVE to have him live close to us. (praying those doors open) :)
Pss - Bailey our girl pup might be pregnant - only time will tell now- lets just say her and Leo were inseparable for a week. :)