Friday, November 23, 2012

:: 6 Weeks ::

I was feeling extremely nauseous in these pictures.
Not sure if you can see it written on my face.

Dear baby,

Happy 6 weeks to you today!
:: 9-26-2012 ::
Talk about a game changer from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
This mama has been sick sick sick.
I've never felt like this before. I'm not one to normally get sick,
so it's been hard for me to handle.
I had myself my first cry fest the other night.
I was home alone and in such pain, I started sobbing
asking God if I could really handle all this.
Asking if I have the strength to endure, because in that moment it didn't feel like I did.

After crying out to God,
I eventually had a calming and peace come over me.
It was still a rough night, and I'm sure I'll have more cry fests, but in that moment
I felt like God was listening and cared.
It's amazing how much you appreciate NOT feeling nauseous.
 I now have 10 million more ounces of respect for
women who have endured and survived pregnancy sickness.
 It is not fun, but seeing those who have gone before me,
I can tell it's all worth it in the end.

:: Stats ::
 *Definite aversion to coffee.
*I can hardly eat the same things twice,
because I usually feel sick after eating and it makes me never want to eat that thing again.
*I have a constant awful taste in my mouth, and most things taste burnt ::so strange::
*Certain days the sickness seems to be worse in the  morning to mid-afternoon,
lightens up a little the rest of the day but then kicks back in after dinner.
*I'm not wanting to be on the computer or surfing on my phone.
*Nothing is appealing to me (food, activities, etc.)
*Tears are becoming more common.
*I'm starting to forget the most common things - I guess they call that pregnancy brain.
*I've gained 4 pounds since week 4. I think it's due to the carbs I've been eating.
I hadn't been eating much carbs before getting pregnant.
I'm trying hard to eat healthy, and be OK with weight gain, because I know it's bound to happen.

It is really hard to not tell people that I'm pregnant, especially when I'm feeling so sick.
I keep wanting to call my mom and ask her about things concerning baby, but
I'm trying to hold out in order to surprise her and the rest of the family on Thanksgiving.
Whew, this is going to be tough but worth it!

:: 9-30-2012 ::

Today while I was ready and Kevin was doing homework,
Kev decided to make coffee.
Talk about gagging someone!
I couldn't breathe in the house, because of the smell of coffee.
It was awful!
So I decided it would be best if I put some tissue in my nose,
in order to help stop the smell.

Here's a fun shot of what was going on.
& a silly video that sums it up too.