Thursday, February 28, 2013

27 Weeks :: Dear baby boy

 photo 3BB77C50-A55D-4CD2-8865-C3320ABBBDA0-31254-00000C2E1FF15BE2.jpg
Welcome to week 27! 
 Week 27 was good. Filled with some exciting things. 
This week we finished painting the dresser. We love it! 
I have one more coat of paint to add to the mirror and then it will be all set. :) 
Dressers aren't cheap! To save money we bought this one locally, and painted it ourselves. 
:: Before ::
  photo 81F73066-B7AA-47F1-9BB7-EC17A57470EF-33947-00001C256FD013D3.jpg
   :: After ::
After throwing around some ideas, we decided to keep the hardware the same.
We're glad we did!
(the decor on the dresser isn't staying there)   
 photo 417AB976-5B49-4ECB-AEEF-9A5A48FC4682-31254-00000C2F04D099E2.jpg
 Random 27 week belly shots. 
Stripes; does a belly good. ;)
 photo 93D39743-931E-4058-983F-49B6E98308ED-31254-00000C2E77AB6603.jpg
 Thankfully with the way clothes are made these days I'm still able to fit into some non-maternity gear. But as you can see below, some of my stuff not so much. ;)  My tank tops keep riding up creating this awesome (annoying) peek-a-boo of my stomach.
No worries, I don't go around like that in public :P
:: Some pregnant obsessions ::
I've been good though. Limiting my intake to strictly Saturday's.
Since being pregnant I've gained more of an appreciation for sweets. I think this little guy is turning out to be like his daddy in this area. Kevin LOVES himself some sweet treats. ;)
I'm more of a salty kind of girl, but not as much lately.
I also could eat a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats (with almonds) every night for dessert. So good.
I have to say though, I've been pretty darn good at eating healthy, and controlling my cravings throughout this pregnancy. 
 photo 16368C59-C091-4610-BA87-B1169276F33C-31254-00000C2EABE57FAE.jpg
You can't see it, but I love to put peanut butter in-between my pancakes! Yum!

:: Random story ::
I planned to workout on my lunch break the other day and mid-change I realized I forgot my workout pants. I was frustrated, because I was feeling like I really needed to get this workout in. So since my work pants were black and kind of looked like workout pants I decided to wear them. ;)
Since I work at a University (where the gym is too), I already feel like the college students look at me in wonder supecting that I'm some knocked up college student. So wearing these work pants topped it off for me.
Oh well they worked and I got my workout in!
 :: Exciting moment ::
Kevin and I went out for pizza after church on Sunday and while we were waiting for our food
I could have sworn I felt our little guy hiccuping for the first time! I hadn't felt it before. 
It was a continuous consistent tap inside my belly. 
I thought it was cute.
It's funny too, because whenever I get hungry I get the hiccups (strange huh!?). 
So maybe baby V had the hungry hiccups too that day! ;)

I've also noticed that when I get feeling really hungry, he starts moving around more. 
I've wondered if that means he's hungry too? 
Does that or did that happen to you?

:: Overjoyed  ::
 Dear baby boy, 
I cannot wait...
 To meet you. 
To hold you. 
To give you kisses & hugs. 
To see your fingers & toes.
To smush my nose and cheeks to yours.
To call you by name. 
To hear your cry (yes even that).
To be a light in your life. 
To love you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

26 Weeks :: Nursery, Diapers, & more...

 photo 26Weeks.png
 Welcome to week 26! 
 photo 1a7a1028-3659-4bb5-a81b-f39ad873a10f.jpg 

This week has been good.
Much more uplifting than last week considering I can hear in my left ear again and the fact that
my cold is nearly gone.
Still stuffy though. I guess it's just the season.

I really do feel like the weeks are flying by in this pregnancy!
This past week Kevin and I signed up for THREE different baby classes, and since we signed up for 3 we received another for free. So technically FOUR classes. ;)
We might be going a little overboard, but we want to be as prepared as we can. We're both nervous about this parenting thing, so I feel good about learning what I can now.
We signed up for:
:: Baby Care ::
::  Infant Safety ::
:: Preparing for Childbirth ::
:: Infant Massage (Free) ::

Right now we're playing the waiting game on some of our nursery items (waiting to get them in the mail).  Here's the glider we ended up purchasing. I wanted something more modern, but everything is so pricey. Wow, BABIES are NOT cheap. This was the best I could find in the colors I liked for an OK price. We had a generous Target gift card given to us, so we were able to put it towards the glider.
I'll let you know how it is once we receive it. :)
 photo Glider.png

 Cloth Diapers: Yep, we are going for it. 
We won't be cloth diapering when he's a newborn, but will be when he grows out of newborn diapers. I know it's going to take more work on my part, but I'm willing and ready to give it a try.  
 photo ClothDiapers.png
Thankfully, I have a friend who told me about a great place to order cloth diapers for a fraction of the cost. If you're interested in knowing more about that, message me and I'll email you info.

 This girl: Just had to share precious Bailey pictures. Bailey is a SNUGGLER! 
She would snuggle you till you are blue in the face if you let her. I'm not kidding. She loves to snuggle so much, that it can get annoying sometimes. ;P I do think it's sweet though when she snuggles up to my belly. I almost wonder if she knows a baby is in there. She's had 3 litters of her own so she's probably more tuned in to this mother thing than I am. :)
 photo 259C6EED-2712-4A1E-816C-FFCCCC389ED4-9063-000005C4872A2EA1.jpg  photo 53B781BF-54A9-4C89-9951-D630473860F9-9063-000005C4AD650D5B.jpg  photo 2684dc36-9e26-47ce-858d-2b3d5edd4019.jpg
Thanks everyone for your encouragement and following along with us on this new journey.
The support and love means so much. 
Still can't believe I'm going to be a mommy. ;)
Cheers to 26 weeks!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

:: 25 Weeks :: Nursery Update & Over the Moon

 photo 4612e1f3-7281-475f-9243-32f7afa42c4c.jpg 
Welcome to week 25!
  photo 6486bd8f-6468-4bab-9001-489eedb6b5bb.jpg
 Something about being 25 weeks felt like a big milestone.
I feel like the next one will be 30 weeks. 

This has been a week of sickness. Kevin and I both caught an awful cold.
We finally went to the doctors on Monday and they put me on some antibiotics along with taking some other meds too. It's definitely helped! I feel like I'm on the up now. Still stuffy and still can't hear in my left ear! BUT thankfully, I'm not feeling as miserable and can function again.

In baby news: our little guy is moving up a storm now.
Every time I lay down he decides it's time to let mama know he's there. ;)
I don't mind though, I really love feeling him move.

 photo 246F4188-81E3-4A04-AB33-C202C4083F41-15957-000000D4DAC11FBF.jpg  
{ I love how you can see the shape of his heart so well } 
Kevin and I are seriously over the moon and can't wait to meet our little guy. 
He's definitely our little Valentine.
We daydream about him, and talk all about how he's going to have us wrapped around his little finger. I can't wait to see his little feet and hands!
Something about baby feet and hands that makes my heart melt. 
Who knew love could feel like this?! I sure didn't! 

:: Nursery Update ::

I changed my nursery mood board.
Sometimes it takes me awhile to settle and make up my mind on things, and this is one of them. ;)

Previous board :
 photo BabyVsNurseryPallet_zps39745714.png New board : 
(I'll finally be ordering this weekend! I'm excited)
 photo NEWBabyVsNurseryPallet.png
Despite the sickness I forced myself to start painting the dresser. 
I was too anxious to wait, and it was a good distraction over the weekend, while being cooped up. 
I'll be finishing it this weekend. :)
It's going to be a very light whitish grey. 
I started out painting it pure white, but the paint I bought was NOT working out. 
Without going into all the details, I decided to switch paints and go with a different color. 
I also don't think I'm going to distress the dresser. When it comes to decor in our house, Kevin and I aren't the biggest fans of distressed items. We like vintage, but with more of a modern twist.
Who knows though, I might change my mind again, we'll see. ;P
 photo 0ADA38A0-C2EA-422A-9DA7-83C50BBFCCD1-15957-000000D488409CE5.jpg
(ignore my PINK dinning room chairs. They clash in this room, and I'm in the process of re-doing those too. They used to match when we had the dinning room table set up in the other room). ;)

Kevin finished the birch stencil! It looks really great. 
I really appreciate the time and effort he put into it. It wasn't a quick and easy project. 
Especially for a guy, who's not the craftiest. ;) 
{ the rug is green with blueish/grey squares - from TJ Maxx }
 photo 701F8938-77F9-4868-B9CE-F513A464E9A3-93633-00001F53E63D07E9.jpg
Another decision I'm stuck on is picking a glider. 
I'm picky about the color, and would love for it to match the room well, but some are so expensive! 
Any suggestions?   
Cheers to 25 weeks, and on to many more!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

:: 24 Weeks ::

 photo 2a87455b-ee1a-4777-9f59-eadd38757f69.jpg 
Welcome to week 24!
 photo 9D9B801B-AD45-466A-8181-165177185633-90944-000019DCF013360F.jpg
This week... hmm, kind of a blur in this moment,
 because as I type I'm nursing off the worst cold I've had in awhile. 
I am however thankful that it's not the flu. Thank you Lord. 
Congestion is awful though. Not being able to breathe well pretty much stinks!
Praying it passes quickly. 


This week, little guy stepped up his kicking to a whole new level.
It seems like it happened overnight too.
All of a sudden I can feel him A LOT more and on the outside now. Which is really
neat for Kevin and I. He's been able to feel him moving and kicking a lot this week.
Super special. Love it. :)

Kevin began painting the stencil on one of the nursery walls.
This is the wall I plan on putting the crib against.
It's turing out really well! He'll be finishing it this weekend. 
Here's the Etsy shop I bought the stencil from :: OLIVE LEAF STENCILS
 photo 9D3489D0-369C-4DFA-BA59-F136000FBA83-90944-000019DDEF7460CE.jpg  photo 84710F9E-CF37-4A12-AD99-5B266C3E8787-90944-000019DFC10E1B8C.jpg  photo 5EA6B7A8-86CA-4751-8104-9B4C3E89B97E-90944-000019DF37869437.jpg   photo 9E6766E2-523E-4094-B288-2DAD4201AEF9-90944-000019DFE7A1D2E9.jpg
We also found a very nice solid dresser at a re-sale shop in town (the DAV).
We're probably going to paint it white and distress it a little. I think the brown showing through will
go well with the woodsy theme. I'm half tempted to leave it brown, but I'd like to lighten the room more, and I think a white dresser will help that. 
 photo 81F73066-B7AA-47F1-9BB7-EC17A57470EF-33947-00001C256FD013D3.jpg
Cheers to 24 weeks! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

:: 23 Weeks :: Bedding & a Bare Belly

FC6B927B-A688-45FE-B529-A9278C42EE1D-8814-000015804A735768 photo FC6B927B-A688-45FE-B529-A9278C42EE1D-8814-000015804A735768-1_zpsec39fcff.jpg
Welcome to 23 weeks!
D6112568-5FDE-47E9-A188-005CB1580281-8814-000015801AA8788B photo D6112568-5FDE-47E9-A188-005CB1580281-8814-000015801AA8788B-1_zps5eb7be92.jpg
This has been a good week! 
Been feeling well, but a bit more tired. 

Kevin put together the crib and began painting the nursery this week. 
One step closer! :)
I feel silly saying this, but I've been having a ridiculously hard time picking out the bedding. 
To help me out I decided to put together a mood board of all the choices I was pondering on. 
I showed it to Kevin and he helped me narrow it down.
This is what we came up with. 
What do you think???
*We are going for a woodsy modern feel, without going too overboard.
 photo BabyVsNurseryPallet_zps39745714.png
Now that I have a lot of growth taking place, I figured it's about time I document some bare belly shots.
250ECBCA-622E-44E2-A29C-3D87BBF7A035-27877-000011348B3C11D9 photo 250ECBCA-622E-44E2-A29C-3D87BBF7A035-27877-000011348B3C11D9-1_zps279c14cb.jpg BC8532D0-819D-45E9-B8DD-2258BCE7F5F7-27877-000011356B9C2ACD-1_zps96f3b098 photo BC8532D0-819D-45E9-B8DD-2258BCE7F5F7-27877-000011356B9C2ACD-1_zps96f3b098-1_zps3f27113d.jpg
3BE2DDAF-174A-4246-B6A9-4CE33BA83ACD-27877-00001135763D67BF photo 3BE2DDAF-174A-4246-B6A9-4CE33BA83ACD-27877-00001135763D67BF-1_zps12f1ad00.jpg