Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Men and women of great valor

I have no tattoos, but if I were to pick a scripture tattoo right now it would definitely be this one:

One man of you shall chase a thousand,
for the LORD your God is who fights for you,
as He promised you.
Therefore, take careful heed to yourselves,
that you LOVE the LORD your God.
-Joshua 23:10-11

I'm trying so hard to write this on my heart and believe it in my life.
Sometimes I find myself wanting to write scripture all over my body, just for the sake of remembering it! I'm the type of person who constantly needs reminders in front of me. I'm not good at memorizing verses, so I need to stay constant in the Word in order to keep it at the forefront of my mind.
I bet God had a plan in that. Sneaky God. ;P

As I'm reading through the Old Testament, 
I've been noticing God referring to certain men as, men of great "valor." I love that.
Here's what the dictionary has to say about "valor."


boldness or determination in facing great danger,
especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery: a medal for valor.

I think I could go on and on about this, but for the sake of time I won't.
I just pray that God shapes my heart and your heart in such a way,
that we too can be called:

:: Men & women of great VALOR ::