Thursday, May 16, 2013

:: 38 Weeks ::

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Welcome to week 38!
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Proof that labor is approaching: cankles. 
For sure feeling more swollen everywhere this week.
I sit most of the day at work so I've been having to prop my feet up throughout the day.
I'm grateful that I don't have to stand all day. I would imagine that being worse.
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Snacks: pretty much a nightly routine. 
I kind of love peanut butter,
but too much right now makes me so uncomfortably full due to the heartburn.
So curious as to how much this little guy is going to weigh when he's born. 
My guess is between 6-7 pounds. I think I'll be pretty shocked if he's 8 and above.
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This past week we had our birthing class.
Our teacher was awesome. She was cracking us up the whole time. 
The class was great and we're so thankful we went. 
We left feeling more confident in labor being a positive beautiful event. 
We also left feeling much more confident in our birthing choices. 
I'm not sharing much of our birthing plan, because we want to make it my own.
If you are one who focuses on the positive and has good things to say about birth, then I want to hear it, any negative needs to stay away right now. :)
We are focusing all our energy on positive thinking, ruling out fears, and practicing relaxation.  
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Big Exam: This week Kevin has been studying a lot for his PhD qualifying exam. 
This is a huge step towards him finishing his degree. He only has one more intensive then onto internship and dissertation.  
Proud of him for taking school so serious and exercising his God given talents so well. 
 He doesn't talk about it, but I'll be the one to brag for him. He's a 4.0 Doctoral student. 
Wow! Wish I had his brains when it comes to academics. ;P 
Go get-em honey!
 photo 4F2EFBD9-350A-4C8F-8908-457B7F60C470-44794-00001770A6ABD03D.jpg
Making a preggy girl cry: Since my rings no longer fit Kevin surprised me by putting his on my finger during church this past Sunday. He told me that when I see it to just think he's with me, and when he sees his ring is gone he will be praying for me. 
Talk about making a big bellied girl bawl in the middle of church.
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Cheers to 38 weeks! Not many to go!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

:: 37 Weeks ::

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Welcome to week 37!
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Week 37 has been a good one. 
It's had it tough moments of comfortableness and emotions, but what would you expect at this point. 
37 week appointment: No dilation yet, but I've "thinned" more and doc thinks babies head is down. 
So progress for sure, right? :)

Kevin and I had a "baby-moon" day. 
Ideally we would have loved to go somewhere else, but I just wasn't feeling 
up to a long drive and didn't want to risk anything being so close to my due date. 
So instead we stuck around town and had a full fun day together. 
We got up early for breakfast & coffee at Panera.
Kev took me to get a professional massage (AMAZING), and while I was getting my massage
he snuk out and bought me roses, a card, and some of my favorite cupcakes. :)
After that we got a yummy drink from Sonic, and hit up Liberty for a game of pool. 
Then saw Iron Man 3, home for a nap, then to dinner. 

Part of me really wishes we had more time with just the two of us. 
It's such a bittersweet feeling knowing our boy is on his way so soon. 
I'm going miss our freedoms together as a couple without kids, but I know we are trading it for 
joy and love that we can't yet comprehend.

I only snapped a few shots from our "baby-moon" day. 
Here they are ::
 photo 345AFEBA-5A1B-49BB-9098-6F5E22AA8ED9-81052-00000ECF865D2FE9.jpg  photo 6D70C059-3D0D-4851-8712-C4A641EF9D65-81052-00000ECF7D6761DB.jpg 
He won, but it was a close one!  photo 5AFE7CBF-D5AC-49D7-99BE-ACCB320BDE78-81052-00000ECEDC916CAB.jpg
Ready for dinner ::
 photo 1126F1B3-DCCE-41C5-BE73-AD72D0884723-81052-00000ED0444C5A49.jpg
It's a little difficult to see, but my feet are swollen in the picture below. Can't complain though - it just started happening.
Pregnancy sure is a good lesson in letting go of "self" and focusing on the needs of someone else.
 photo 8FD57BDC-C087-4606-968C-B4E01A30B486-81052-00000ED04C5895FD.jpg
Kevin put together our "Rock N' Play". 
 I mentioned in my previous post that this is an item SO many moms told me they loved. 
Can't wait to try it out!
  photo 72EE817E-33B6-44F6-967B-3AFC324C911B-81052-00000ED094376934.jpg  photo 841B885B-E121-4BBD-B1C5-FB880BAF5B7A-81052-00000ED0BFE31D92.jpg  photo 24DB9E03-C05B-499E-B3BE-C1CA1B709070-81052-00000ED0E6D8DAC1.jpg  photo DA762645-4EE4-4438-85CF-6FE84874BEE1-81052-00000ED163D51A37.jpg
Had some awesome items come in the mail this week!  photo 00BD6282-7D61-42B8-9B51-D79BAAAEA376-81052-00000ECB28D1FE1C.jpg  photo 3A099BF0-F177-4026-80A5-8A78C63B73E2-81052-00000ED08C9BF06E.jpg 
We deep cleaned the house on Sunday - which meant I was ready for him to arrive after that. ;) 
His due date is May 22nd, but we're really praying that he arrives May 17th or 18th. Kevin has some really important school stuff this month and with his schooling and work it would just work out the best if he came a few days early. Lord willing though! 
We know it's in God's timing, and we're OK with that. :)  photo 2D80BAF6-ADAE-47F4-8098-2DD0DACDD38A-81052-00000ED28BFD418A.jpg 
Random Bump Shot of the Week ::  photo 6333cd78-d9d1-4dc8-bdf4-a9027a229203.jpg  photo 237BC8D3-616A-4AD7-BA2D-4042EA3449A2-81052-00000ECE5E5BF674.jpg 
I really love this verse below. Something I don't blog enough about is how much God's Word means to me in my everyday life. I'm reading the Bible through a year (along with some other ladies). If you are a Christian, I want to encourage you to get in the WORD. Whatever it takes, get the Word in your heart. The Word is our fighting ground, our solid rock, our bread of life. Jesus said it himself - Matthew 4:4 - "People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God." (NLT) 
 photo FF7DD4DB-A376-436A-89BE-E8B04CA93578-81052-00000ED2E62426CE.jpg
Anyways, I could go on about the baby and faith, but I'll wrap it up. 
Cheers to 37 weeks, and not many more!

Friday, May 3, 2013

:: 36 weeks :: Hey, hey lil'guy!

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Welcome to Week 36!
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Hey, hey lil'guy, 

You seem to be growing leaps and bounds these last few weeks. 
My ribs are for sure feeling it! 
Thankfully you don't kick my ribs, but they sure do feel bruised. 
Even my back ribs are feeling the pressure and pain. 
All worth it though. 

I keep telling myself I'm in the home stretch - I can do this! ;)
Crazy how the end has come so quickly. 
I now understand why preggies feel "so ready" towards the end. I'm really starting to feel that.
Although it's not long before we meet you it somehow still feels like an eternity. 

I feel SO blessed that we have made it this far. So thankful. Thank you Lord. 
One negative thing I've noticed about these last few weeks:
I've become more irritable, sensitive, randomly sad, and MUCH more uncomfortable. 
All this is normal. I keep praying that I don't feel this way after you get here though. 
No matter how I feel or how my hormones are raging, I promise to love you. I promise to try my best, and to surrender it all to the Lord. He's our strength and knows exactly what's needed at all times. 

Our adventure together is about to begin. 
Life is about to take on a whole new form. 
My heart is about to change. 
You are about to rock our worlds. 
I'm scared. I'm anxious. I'm happy. I'm excited. 
A bag of emotions as I anticipate life beyond the norm. 
May 22nd. Will you make it till then? Or will you pass that date by?
We shall see. :)

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 photo 6d332213-3747-4742-bc25-115c7a4eb08e.jpg
SO MANY people told me they use this Rock 'n Play' Sleeper. Hoping it's awesome! :)

:: Random belly shots of the week ::
 photo 4AF09C28-9E25-47EA-85B7-C567514F2522-16088-00000B5CDB1BBC2C.jpg  photo 36c038a9-8dfc-42f8-8b31-22d59b1f067b.jpg
Kevin has been so sweet to massage my back whenever it's needed.  
Love when he holds or talks to my belly. :)