Friday, November 23, 2012

:: 7 Weeks ::


Dear baby,

:: 10-3-2012 ::
We are 7 weeks along!

You are growing leaps and bounds!  The whole size of a blueberry!
Kind of hard to believe still.
It's strange to think that I have a little passenger I'm carrying along with me everyday.
I feel like my clothes are deceptive.
I don't look pregnant in them, but underneath, I definitely feel a little chub chub coming on.

I'm starting to feel somewhat better. The sickness lets up a little bit here and there.
Which is a God sent!
I feel like I constantly need to be snacking,
in order to keep my stomach from getting really hungry.
I don't want to eat anything. Nothing sounds good at all.
Water even tastes awful. I have a constant gross taste on my tongue.
If I get too full I feel sick, but if I don't eat enough I feel sick.
Their is a definite balance to be had.
I'm really having to learn how to listen to my bodies needs.
Lately these things have been my life line.
Cherrios. I don't know why, but they help. 
I would be happy if I never had to eat another Cherrio again!

I had some "fun" preggy items come in the mail today. 
I purchased some Preggy Pops in desperation to try anything that might help. 
We shall see. I'm really not keen on sweets right now, 
and these Preggie Pops make me think I'm sucking on sugar. Yuck!
(then again, everything is yuck)


My other purchases received were these gems. 
haha, the cover on the left if pretty funny.  
It was SO hard to pick out pregnant workout videos. 
They all look cheap and not really well made. 
Every DVD had both positive and negative reviews, 
so I had to just take a leap and pick. 
Hopefully they will be good ones. 


So many new experiences in this turning point of life. 
It can become very overwhelming if I dwell too long on it all.
I'm trying hard to remain in the present and trust that God is giving me the strength
I (we) need for today alone.
The more I embrace today, the better I prepare for tomorrow.

:: 10-4-2012 ::

Today I tried my first Preggie Pop. Sour tangerine.
It was OK. I think it's more of a distraction than anything.
When I was done eating it, the queasiness was still present. 


:: 10-5-2012 ::

Today was a special day.
Today I revealed you to one of my best friends. Liz - aka Sports
She and I work together so on Friday we decided to have a Panera lunch date.
We were chatting it up about some stuff, and the topic of children came up.
She knows I've been wanting to "start" trying, but have had some hiccups due to insurance stuff.
So she was asking me when we might start trying, and I said, "well we don't want to wait
too much longer, we were thinking about having a baby in May."
She then said, "oh start trying in May?" Me: "No have a baby in May."
It took her a minute to do the math, but then she was like, and I then asked her if she wanted a
Preggie Pop, and she got all giddy, and was like, "are you trying to tell me something!?"
YEP! Sure am! ;)
So we had fun talking about you baby.
You are going to LOVE Liz.
She has already decided that she needs to be reading the same books I'm reading about you.
She's already obsessed and is currently rooting for a little Elizabeth.


 These things have been a go to snack. They've been good to suck on when I'm feeling sick. 

:: 10-8-2012 ::

Feeling extra big today.
These pants are normally loose fitting, but today they are tight on my stomach.
I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable in all my current pants.
Even my thighs have already expanded.
I'm sure that part is due to all the carb consumption and the lack of exercise.
 As soon as I start feeling better, I'm REALLY wanting to start exercising again.
Healthy mama equals healthy baby! Right? :)

Your dad has been a HUGE help and comfort to me. 
Even on top of all the work he has, he is still willing to help out a lot. 
He prays for you and talks to you. 
He usually encourages you to keep cookin good!  ;)

:: 10-9-2012 ::
Tonight I tried my Pregnant Pilates DVD.
It was really good! I really liked the instructor.
It felt so good to stretch and workout again.
I even felt less morning sickness the next day,
and I'm wondering if it had anything to do with  working out.
I now can't wait to do it again! :)

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