Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Official - (Lord willing)...

Pic's of Paris Metro - I found online

That I am going to Paris! I attended the meeting yesterday to learn all about what we will be doing and so forth. I am really excited about this. It was funny though, when the teacher was talking about the costs and such she mentioned one price for people under 23 - then said something to the effect that if you are over 23 you are considered an adult, and she was like, "is there anyone in here that is over 23?" and guess who was the ONLY student to raise her hand? Me. I was like, "I'm only 24, that's not too bad!" I never felt so old - I've never thought being 24 could place you in an "old" position- Oh well - I don't feel old on a daily bases, so I just brushed it off. :) Plus my friend Liz might be going with me, and she is 24ish too. The trip is in may 2010, and I am thankful for this, because it gives me plenty of time to save, budget and pray that I come up with all the money I need. I've already begun making sacrifices - No more derby right now :( which makes me sad, because I was just starting to really get into it, but I figure Derby will be there in the future - chance to go to Paris - not always.
I am sad Kevin can't go, it just won't be the same without him :( but over all I am very grateful for the opportunity.