Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Let Go

I remember this day 1 yr ago and I said heck with it and let them do it. Water everywhere and all. 

As a parent I tend to get so rigid, stiff, & stuffy, that I forget the importance of saying yes to the things that may cause me discomfort and or more “work” on my end. 

A lot of the times I operate out of this “me” mode on autopilot and forget I’m even doing it, but that’s not healthy. I’m trying hard to remember that the day is theirs too (if not more!). Looking back on memories like this makes me sad and happy. Sad, thinking about the moments I missed because of my own agenda, but happy that my agenda doesn’t always win. 

This is my own personal reminder to give in a little more, and to be a little more free each day to enter their world, because someday their world will no longer intersect so much with mine 😭 and I KNOW I will miss it. 

All the bits, pieces & splashes of it. ðŸ’•

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Isla had a big poop today and as I was changing it, Abram said, “I wish I was already a Daddy, and I could change her diaper for you so you don’t have to.” --- aww, Thanks Buddy. 😭

Obviously he’s not always that sweet, but still...the fact that he even thought that up and said it made me so thankful for his tender, empathetic heart. 

He’ll win some daddy awards someday. I just know it ðŸ’•
(And some wife awards too ðŸ™Œ)