Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Tree!

After searching long and hard, Kevin and I finally bought a Christmas Tree!

Here are some pictures of the evening.. :0)

Decorations laid out..

In the beginning..
One the First day..

On the 2nd day..

Man working hard..

(Ps I was doing homwork that was due that night, so I let him work on this part of the creation of the tree.)

Working even harder..

Almost complete..

YAY! Done! Time to decorate!

My favorite decoration.

Placing it on the Tree..

Kevin's way of Decorating..

The fun part!

I look like a granny in this picture.. :0)

Almost complete..

The final touch.. :)

* Yay! Beautiful Star! *


Me trying to kiss and hug the tree because I love it So much!
hehe, :0)

Us loving it all, together.

Bailey likes the Christmas Tree too!