Thursday, May 16, 2013

:: 38 Weeks ::

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Welcome to week 38!
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Proof that labor is approaching: cankles. 
For sure feeling more swollen everywhere this week.
I sit most of the day at work so I've been having to prop my feet up throughout the day.
I'm grateful that I don't have to stand all day. I would imagine that being worse.
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Snacks: pretty much a nightly routine. 
I kind of love peanut butter,
but too much right now makes me so uncomfortably full due to the heartburn.
So curious as to how much this little guy is going to weigh when he's born. 
My guess is between 6-7 pounds. I think I'll be pretty shocked if he's 8 and above.
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This past week we had our birthing class.
Our teacher was awesome. She was cracking us up the whole time. 
The class was great and we're so thankful we went. 
We left feeling more confident in labor being a positive beautiful event. 
We also left feeling much more confident in our birthing choices. 
I'm not sharing much of our birthing plan, because we want to make it my own.
If you are one who focuses on the positive and has good things to say about birth, then I want to hear it, any negative needs to stay away right now. :)
We are focusing all our energy on positive thinking, ruling out fears, and practicing relaxation.  
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Big Exam: This week Kevin has been studying a lot for his PhD qualifying exam. 
This is a huge step towards him finishing his degree. He only has one more intensive then onto internship and dissertation.  
Proud of him for taking school so serious and exercising his God given talents so well. 
 He doesn't talk about it, but I'll be the one to brag for him. He's a 4.0 Doctoral student. 
Wow! Wish I had his brains when it comes to academics. ;P 
Go get-em honey!
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Making a preggy girl cry: Since my rings no longer fit Kevin surprised me by putting his on my finger during church this past Sunday. He told me that when I see it to just think he's with me, and when he sees his ring is gone he will be praying for me. 
Talk about making a big bellied girl bawl in the middle of church.
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Cheers to 38 weeks! Not many to go!