Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Wonders

This past weekend was full of excitement - It has been a huge blessing to finally get to spend a full weekend with my love. Before he began his new position at work, he would have to work every other weekend.
Friday Kevin and I went and visited my dear friend Jenn in the hospital. She gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl- Elle Mackenzie - Here is the hospital picture of Elle. We are very happy for John and Jenn. :)
Saturday we put on a surprise birthday party for our friend Kristy. She thought she was coming over for Kevin's 25th birthday, but little did she know it was all for her. It turned out to be a really great time. (I'll post some pictures later)
Sunday was full of homework and hanging out with my loves.
I am extremely excited about visiting Michigan very soon and I know Kevin is too! it has been way too long since our last visit.
Here's a few pictures from Sunday, Nov. 9th. 2008 -

PS - Leonidas got groomed on Saturday at Pet Smart. After his grooming they told us that they HIGHLY recommend us taking Leo somewhere that can give him sedatives- They obviously want our business, so he must of been a terror in order for them to tell us to take him somewhere else.

I personally thought it was funny. Through I don't necessarily like the idea of drugging him up in order for him to get groomed.