Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stepping into Grace...

The day I stepped further into grace, was the day I said, "I do" to you.
An "I do" that represents so much.
A humble surrender to a hopeful future of love, forgiveness, change, grace, and so much more.
You reflect the unconditional love of Christ in so many ways. Let me name a few:
You chose me before I chose you.
You didn't let my past stop you from pursuing me.
You saw and still see me as beautiful in ways my heart can't always comprehend.
I know your love is real and organic at best; based on the baggage I carried and stuff I've put you through, I'd say your commitment to "us" is far above the rest. The day we married you reflected love and truth to me that only a righteous loving man can do.
You are a man. A very handsome man. A leader. A giver. You care. You are smart. Musical. And oh so funny. All these characteristics and many more make up you. With such a desirable long list that embodies who you are, I know many fine ladies would have been swooned (had they been given the chance). Yet in your grace you chose me. I became your "I do". What a gift.

Thank you. 

You've shaped me. You've sharpened me. You've frustrated me to the point of Grace. You've pushed me into patience. You've given me laughs. You've given me adventure. You've taught me to feel. You've taught me to "bake in the love". You've provided. You've forgiven. You've given me a future. You've given me a home. You've given me security. You've given me a son whom together we adore more than life itself. You've given me your hand to hold through it all.

Thank you. Thank you for all this undeserved grace you've given. I'm swallowed in it daily. 

Cheers to 8 years of becoming undone and made brand-new. 

I Love you. 

One last serious thing though. After all your trying you have yet to get me to understand the proper use of "their" vs "there". I'm sorry babe...this mission(impossible) is still in your hands and it could take years. So Cheers to many more together!

Oh and your muscles. You has them and I likes them.

Mah. xoxo (insert kissy face).