Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be Honest...

For those of you who read my blog, I have a question for you:
You can be honest - I am wanting to know what you think about the music on my page... Is it or isn't it annoying that it starts up right away? Would it be better if I changed it for the music to not play unless you click it to play? Do you find yourself clicking the music off or muting your computer because of the music?
I just want to know if it is or isn't an inconvenience to people when they are checking out my blog. Your feedback would be great in this matter. :)
Also! I am wondering what you SEE on my blog.. I put up a new background not long ago, and what I see on my computer at home is different from what I see on my computer at work. At home my blog background shows some yellow vintage patterns along the sides, but at work the yellow is cropped off and I can only see the blue on the sides.
What do you see? Any Yellow? Or only blue?
Here's what I see at home:
Here's what I see at work:
Which do you see when viewing my blog?
Thanks for the help!
Your opinion and observations are much appreciated. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This made my day...

...And made me cry.

So I have been in a bad mood all day. I've been stuffing some negative emotions lately, and today it has started to take toll on my body; anxiety has crept in.
I HATE being/feeling anxious. :(
Anyways, today has felt like a very long crappy day. One of those days you wish you could just cry to get it all out, but it won't come out, because you just can't let it. Yeah that's me today.
Well a friend of mine {Erin} posted a link to this video on YouTube & I'm so glad she did. The video has helped soften my harden heart, and ease a little bit of the anxiousness inside me.
Hope you enjoy it like I did! :)

“Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For His sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ and become one with him. I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through faith in Christ. For God’s way of making us right with himself depends on faith.”
Philippians 3:8-9

Sunday, May 24, 2009

From Kevin

Just something I've been thinking about lately...


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pay it Forward! Need 3 people!

I found this neat idea over at Kelly's Place. Pay it Forward was started by Lis, over at Lis Loves.
I am really excited to be a part of it!  I can't wait to see who will be the 1st 3 people to respond! :)
Here are the rules:
  • The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a small gift from me within one month!
  • You must be willing to host a pay it forward too! As well as send the gifts out to your recipients within a month.
  • Post this same thing on your blog and then come back and leave a comment telling me you're in! Please remember to leave your e-mail!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Starbucks Cup I love you, but Your Wrong

So today this is what my delicious Starbucks cup said to me:

The Way I See It #21

People need to see that,

far from being an obstacle,

the world's diversity

of languages, religions and

traditions is a great treasure,

affording us precious

opportunities to recognize

ourselves in others.

--Youssou N'Dour


I don't know you Youssou N'Dour, but I do have to disagree with you {the religion part}. I don't quite get what he's trying to say in this quote. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong, how does this help us see ourselves in others? really, I'm not getting it, someone please explain if you have ideas. I do think the language & traditions part is sound, but not the religion. Of course I feel this way, because I am a Christian who believes in One God and One Christ.. not all this other mumbo-jumbo diversity of religion stuff. I don't get how people feel like it's OK to have religion "diversity"... well I guess hence the word "religion" it is possible for this to happen.

Anyways, if you have an opinion about Mr. Youssou's quote, I would like to hear it. :) {I'm not looking to debate this, just looking to see if I'm reading this wrong, and what inspiration or non-inspiration you get from it}

Ps: I did read up on him on Wiki and he does seem like an influential man who's made some great music & who stands for some great things.. But I can't figure out what "religion" he is, looks like maybe Muslim?

Show us where you live Friday : Dining Room

Kelly's Korner is putting on a tour of homes:

This weeks theme is the Dining Room

I love our dining room - their isn't really much to it, but what we do have says a lot {I think}. I love bold style, bold statements, and bold colors, but I also like to keep it simple. I LOVE bold expressions in a room, but wait did I mention that I hate clutter.. Hate it. Sometimes I think I keep a room looking too "simple" just because I fear the clutter. I would rather have it plain than too much going on. Keep it bold, simple and stylish, that's my motto {well kind of} and DON'T forget the color! :) I try hard to make a room look eye catching without feeling overwhelming. I do hope to eventually get some art work on the walls and possibly a big long mirror for the wall... we'll see.
I recently reupholstered our dining room chairs & I love them!
It was much easier than I have anticipated. I found this fabric on clearance at Joann's.
I had been wanting to add color to the room for awhile, and was eventually inspired by the candles on the dining room table. I was shocked when I actually found some great fabric to match!
Please don't mind my furry friends, they always find their way into my photos.
I love this wallpaper - We purchased it online through Graham & Brown.

When Kevin was working for Southern Air he was given these silver outlet covers.
They worked perfect for this room!
Here is an evening picture of the dining room. :)
{this might be my favorite shot of the room, because I love the window}
Since theirs not much to it, I thought I would post this fun edited shot that I took
after reupholstering the chairs a few months ago.
Thanks for checking out my Dining Room!

Now your turn! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday...

...or whatever food I attempt to make using WW recipes.

So, I have come across this Weight Watcher Wednesday stuff, and would like to part-take in it.
My goal is going to be to try new WW recipes then posting them on Wed. We recently bought a new grill and I have a new WW recipe book for grilling. I want to attempt to make some of this awesome yummy looking foods! :)

I'm thinking maybe the WWWednesday will get me motivated to try new recipes. Cooking is not my forte and I really don't see it becoming my forte anytime soon (maybe if I was a stay at home mom & had more time). But for now I would like to challenge myself by making some new recipes. When cooking, I like my meals simple and to the point, because too may directions in a recipe drive me crazy! I get lost in what comes next and when to do what with what! Thankfully though, the WW recipe books have been great! Their recipes don't normally stress me out {too much}. :grin:

Here is what I made last night:

Weight Watcher Brownies {not on the grill of course, but still WW's}
I've made these a bunch of times, and really like them. They aren't as chewy as other brownies, instead they come out tasting more like cake, which I love, because I love me some good cake! :)

Recipe: Brownie Crunch
Before going into the oven

PS - I also get WW recipes through Hungry-Girl dot com
{I recommend subscribing to their daily e-mail's, they are great! I am always printing the e-mails and adding them to my recipe collection. I have tried a few of the recipes, and have really liked them, even my husband likes them! I will have to post some of the recipes I have already used}
Also to spice up this Wednesday even more:
My friends over at: Operation Skinny Bitc* do this thing called "Roll Call Wednesday"
Where you give an update of your weight and how you have been doing this week:
Well here is my "Roll Call Wednesday" update:
*** PLEASE note that I am going out on a limb and actully telling you all my weight & you know for most girl's {including me} that is NOT and easy thing to do***
I weighed myself today, and so far since Oct. 2008 - I have lost a total of 28 pounds! I was 168.? and now I am at 140. From size 12-13ish to size 6-8ish (pants size). My goal weight is around 130-135.
My motto is this: If you push yourself, you WILL surprise yourself.
..and really that's what I've done to get where I have gotten. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

This is just wrong

...but we call it love
So, here's another sweet video my love made me.
I have to say, he is one weird guy, but I love him
and wouldn't have it any other way.
lol {cracks me up!}

It all began with this Video: Don't forget to Love

Bailey's Girl!

Here's a short video of Bailey's sweet baby girl.
She is 4 day's old. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Become a part of something Great

Kevin and I are both training to run this race.
You will notice I added my Mileage tracker on the side of the blog.
Countdown as of today:
163d : 22h : 19m : 17s

Friday, May 8, 2009

As of now, Our lives: Lynchburg, va


Kevin and I are truly blessed that God has led us to live in Lynchburg, Va. I know their are MANY wonderful places to live in the world, and I do think the burg is one of them. The town is not the biggest, but also not the smallest. Lynchburg is very rich in Character, from the mountains to the all the college students who dwell here. The student's are gone for the summer and it is bitter-sweet. Sweet because we now have more room to park at the University, and the roads aren't as cluttered. Well it's actually not too bitter because most students seem to stick around and live in houses around here, which I like, because it keeps the town young. It keeps it feeling alive and edgy. Edgy I like, boring I don't. We definitely don't have the best mall in this town, but it's actually a blessing in disguise. It keeps us living simple. It forces us to climb the mountains instead of climbing the halls of the mall every weekend. Plus it gives us a chance to travel to all the other really neat vintage towns in the surrounding area that do have good malls. Adventure is always knocking, and that is what I like, not that we always get to take it (with school & work), but knowing it's there at any moment is nice.
I asked Kevin to tell me 3 things he likes most about Lynchburg & here are his answers:
1. Mountains
2. Brentwood (church)
3. Laid-backness
I agree with all those things! :) My top 3 would be this:
1. Mountains
2. Brentwood/Liberty University (both are Ministries we work/serve in they fit well together plus LOVE them both)
3. All the young life that is here, growing and thriving.

Let me elaborate on them:
I wouldn't like the mountains is they made me feel closed in, but really they are far enough away to keep it feeling open, but close enough to get to see and experience the beauty everyday. The mountains are a great escape and so many people around here are hikers and I love it! The outdoors is God's world, and I like being a part of it. Kevin and I didn't take much advantage of the mountains last summer, but we fully intend to this summer. Nature+beauty+working out=greatness/less stress! :)
Brentwood Church has been such a BLESSING to our spiritual lives. I think every christian needs a church they can call home. Kevin and I have truly found that at Brentwood. God has moved us, shaken us,challenged us, and changed us through our church and that's what a good church should do. As of recent I have been given the opportunity to take-over/oversee the coffee bar. I am beyond excited to do this, it is such an honor to get to serve for God. The motto on my heart for the coffee bar has been this: Serve Christ then Coffee - We are some of the first faces people see when they enter Bentwood's doors, and coffee is like a drug to some people, so why not show some Christ while giving them their "love". ;) The 2nd motto on my heart is this: Become the the Branches: John 15:5. This is huge to me! We are the hands for Christ and to me this call needs to be taken very sreiously. Christ has given us all a mission... a call to be the branches... reaching out to all who need to know Christ. I look forward to working with the girls and setting the bar high in helping to win souls to Christ!
As for Liberty University (where Kevin and I both work full-time), it breaks my heart when people who work at LU complain about LU. No matter where you are or who you are their is ALWAYS going to be negatives in the equation. But overall the positives always outweigh the negatives when working at LU. What an honor it is to work for one of the largest Christian accredited University's. It's not just a University we work for, it is a Ministry. Lives are changed every single day through education and to be a part of that is incredible. It's not often you see people who are allowed to pray at work, or who can proclaim the goodness of God. I am very thankful for my job, and the people I work with.
As for my 3rd pick, I love the fact that so many young people come to college here and then get sucked into the bubble and stay! It keeps things fresh and thriving. Well educated young people are a good thing, and I like to have them around. ;)
Speaking of well educated young people, Kevin just finished his LAST class for his Master's! Congrats babe!! You are awesome, and so smart! I've never seen someone carry SO many Upper level classes while working full time and being married. The next and final step is for him to find an internship. We are praying those doors open. If not then he will probably purse his PHD. We shall see. The roads are long, so we've got some time (Lord willing). :)

Kevin and I have been training for the 10k run in Oct(?).. We recently started running outside more instead of the treadmill. What a difference! We've been working hard and plan on keeping it that way. I am so thankful to be married to a guy who cares about health and fitness. We challenge & push each other and it's awesome! It usually happens that on the days I don't feel like working out, he does feel like working out and vice versa. When it's like that either he forces(encourages) me to workout or I force (encourage) him to workout. Overall it works out really well (no pun intended). :)

Have I mentioned that since last Sep/Oct I have lost around 23-25 pounds?! Yeah, that was a shocker to me last week when I looked at my old weight watcher weigh-ins from Oct. It is crazy that I am actually meeting my goals when it comes to health and fitness. It has been a very long haul, but ever so worth it! So much of it has to do with constancy, and dedication. My new saying is this: If you push yourself you will surprise yourself! & it is so true! How many times do we put road blocks in our minds and think, "I can't do that" - well have you even tried?! I am realizing this more and more. No more saying "can't" unless you honestly have tried and tried again. :) Here's a glance at what my dinners now look like: green, protein & more green. (Boca veg. burger with lettuce in replace of the bun)
I have cut out the carbs during dinner, and stick to the good stuff. Not that carbs are bad, they are a must in a healthy diet! But I have started to learn MY body (everyone is different) and I know I won't lose the weight without some carb sacrifice. I've been learning to listen to my body and the signals it gives, it's amazing the things it lets you know if you just stop to listen. :)

Well this post has gotten extremely long, so I am going to wrap it up with some pictures we took while walking around downtown Lynchburg a few weekends ago. I don't have many, but I do plan on taking a lot more pictures around town now that summer has approached. :)

Hanging out in an old antique shop




Eating at the White Hart - a very folk like place in downtown Lynchburg.
Everything is freshly made! The fries are the best I have ever had! and the vegetarian Fitzwilliam sandwich is SO good! I need to take more pictures there next time.

Moving the Wingfield's...

..brings lots of joy, because you then get to hangout with friends all day. :) This blog post is well over due, we took soooo many pictures and I have not had the time to sort through and post them. It was probably about a month ago when our small group helped our friends Megan & Carter move into their cute cabin home in Bedford. :)

The pictures many be out of order, but they all highlight our day together.
Warning: LOTS of pictures in this post :)

Carter I don't think it works that way

Time for some crazy frisbee moves
Austin: The side swipe catch

Done with Frisbee?

Love the horse pictures:
I swear these horses kept smiling, not necessarily with their mouth as much as with their eyes. :)

We are sleeping, please let us be.
(Austin took these pics of us girls)

Flip time!
I swear my husand is Spiderman, but no one will believe me!
(the lighting is a little funky on these ones)

Please take notice of Tim in the background attempting the moves too - lol

Tucker and his daddy (Steve)

Megan & Carter
Home Sweet Home