Wednesday, March 6, 2013

:: 28 Weeks :: 3rd Trimester is a game changer!

 photo FA2A5F3B-9FCE-4BD7-AAD2-0452DB819B4A-21955-000010F611298467.jpg
Welcome to week 28!
3rd Trimester!!
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Wow Baby!  Between weeks 27 & 28 this little guy definitely hit a growth spurt. I was feeling it for sure; feeling like my belly was literally about to pop. It seems that AS SOON as I hit the 3rd trimester some things started to change.

:: To name a few ::
  • My sleeping started getting all wacky. I've begun waking at odd hours of the night either just wide awake or wide awake and ravishing for food. 
  • I've begun having bad sciatica pain, especially on my left side.
  • More hungry & more thirsty.
  • Tired. Very tired. 
  • Acid reflux has returned (thankfully not everyday, but it's back). 
  • Punches & kicks to the bladder.  
  • Feeling nauseous after I eat. 
  • People telling me I have popped. YEP. I have, thank you very much. (I really don't mind people pointing it out, it's just funny how it's become a more common phrase I'm hearing)
Even though these "fun" pregnancy things are happening, I wouldn't change it for the world since it means I'm one day closer to meeting my baby.

When it feels like it's getting too hard, I stop and pray, asking that God would give me the strength I need to endure and He has been so faithful to do so. Thank you Lord! 

I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE to feel this little guy move. 
I seriously find myself literally smiling when he's moving. 
I'm aware that this positive attitude might change if he starts kicking my ribs, 
but so far so good! So I'm soaking it up while I can.

Him and I have a special thing going. When I talk to him I tap/push on my belly, so he knows I'm talking to him and not someone else. And when I tell him, "I love you" - I tap/push my belly three times to go along with the words that I'm saying. :) I hope he knows it's true. 

:: Nursery Update ::
This week we received our glider in the mail. We were so excited. Thankfully it was super easy for Kevin to put together too. We like it a lot, it's comfy and glides great. ;)
Excited to get it put together!
 photo 920B36A8-6E59-4AAD-B5D1-E3A923711678-21955-000010F5657EDFE7-1.jpg  photo 414A4454-B67C-4A30-A644-AE4308392D30-21955-000010F5B0539CC4.jpg  photo A7ED78C5-1D8C-484D-9E1D-5DDC9D9B7426-21955-000010F5DC24FCD1.jpg 
Mr. Leonidas was excited to help dad put it together.  photo 69C66B86-4DBF-4FFB-9FF7-5D30D2E02530-21955-000010F6D57796F0.jpg  photo A2FAB5C8-32D3-43FD-A86E-1E4C6BDEDBB0-21955-000010F67197013B.jpg
 photo 93a769cc-22c0-46fe-a6c9-d68457806569.jpg
Here we are working on putting up the decor above the crib. The neat thing about the decor is that it has his name on it. Since we're currently not sharing the name, I can only show little glimpses of what it is. We purchased it from an awesome local vendor called Regeneration.  photo 9B5263BE-ED00-4001-BAAB-EE9A93916E84-21955-000010F72754B382.jpg
 photo 2EA42DF4-F0B4-4179-8794-B5128AB91269-21955-000010F74D8434B2.jpg
Can't wait to eventually show the whole thing!
   photo 99330bd8-bc45-4fb6-9fcb-a06f9a89050e.jpg
So, I have to admit something/get it off my chest, because I feel guilty: Out of everything we've bought for the baby/nursery, I do have one main regret so far. I've tried to be frugal when it comes to purchases for the baby/nursery, but I allowed myself to splurge when purchasing the mobile. I felt like I just HAD to have it. Later regretted it though, but couldn't go back on the purchase since it was already ordered through Etsy. 
I love it a lot, but it's JUST a mobile. Being that this is my first, I think in the beginning I got anxious to make everything perfect, and I really wanted this one, but looking back now it was a silly purchase, and I could have found a mobile for much cheaper. :(
Oh well, you live and learn right? 
I'm sure I'll make more purchases along the way, that I end up regretting. 
Here's some pics of it. Sorry they're blurry, it wouldn't stay still. ;P
 photo 793DD269-79A7-42B0-91B0-3671C96F6B72-36998-000011C376E309E3.jpg  photo FDA6AEB3-55B5-4862-AA6D-ED9E12A70377-36998-000011C625EC2681.jpg  photo 3522FC89-E989-4174-A90F-D4540670461C-36998-000011C496D56BB2.jpg
:: Random belly shot ::
 photo 1A9E3F37-54F8-4E78-8399-D72F1B792D33-21955-000010F78F9EDA65.jpg
In other news:  I had my sugar test done, and passed. I also had to get a shot, and my arm has been killing me for a few days. They gave me the shot in the right arm, so on a positive note it's forcing me to sleep on my left side only (which is hard for me).

Cheers to 28 weeks, and more to come!

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