Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be Honest...

For those of you who read my blog, I have a question for you:
You can be honest - I am wanting to know what you think about the music on my page... Is it or isn't it annoying that it starts up right away? Would it be better if I changed it for the music to not play unless you click it to play? Do you find yourself clicking the music off or muting your computer because of the music?
I just want to know if it is or isn't an inconvenience to people when they are checking out my blog. Your feedback would be great in this matter. :)
Also! I am wondering what you SEE on my blog.. I put up a new background not long ago, and what I see on my computer at home is different from what I see on my computer at work. At home my blog background shows some yellow vintage patterns along the sides, but at work the yellow is cropped off and I can only see the blue on the sides.
What do you see? Any Yellow? Or only blue?
Here's what I see at home:
Here's what I see at work:
Which do you see when viewing my blog?
Thanks for the help!
Your opinion and observations are much appreciated. :)


  1. i see what you see at home. yellow pretty and blue. :) it depends on the screen resolution and size.

  2. i'll be honest...not a big fan of music on blogs...i enjoy the songs you put up, but a few difficulties...

    1. with a poor connection quality it makes it hard to load at times
    2. i read a lot of blogs at night and when it blares out b/c i have not cut the sound off it can be annoying. i know i can cure this with the mute button, but...

    i don't have a background at all today...

  3. I see the yellow and blue too.

    I usually have my computer muted, so to be honest, I had no clue that you had music at all!

  4. I only see the blue. I think the music is fine. :)

  5. I see only white at work, but all the pretty colors when I am at home. I like the music and enjoy having something to listen to when I read ... :o)

  6. I see the yellow as well.

    As far as music, I didn't know you had any because 1) I don't typically have the sound on, and 2) I just read it in Google Reader unless I'm going to comment.

    Also, whenever I do come here, I get a popup saying Twitter wants a user/password from me. Do you have a twitter widget somewhere on here?

  7. Hey! I can see the lovely yellow damask pattern here on my work laptop. I'll look tonight and see what shows up on my home computer. I always have my audio on mute, so no opinion on the music:) Looks great!

  8. You all are SO AWESOME! Thank you for your responses to this!!

    Matt {& everyone else wondering}: first off sorry the stupid twitter pop up thing comes on when you click the blog. I do have a twitter app on their, and am not 100% how it works. I ::think:: if you sign in with your twitter account you will be able to see my twitter updates along the side of my blog. Not sure though..

    Does anyone know? Have any of you ever NOT signed into the twitter thing, but could read my twitter updates on the blog?? This is a mystery. :)

  9. When I sign in - I see the twitter updates... so if you do have a twitter, it's safe to sign-in on the pop-up. :)

  10. personally, not a fan of music on pages. I usually have other music playing when I am on the internet, and it all meshes together into a horrible noise. hahaha

  11. OK problem solved. well kind of. :) I've decided to not have the music start up right away, but the music is still there, so if you would like to listen to it you are more than welcome to {it's at the very bottom of the page}. :)

    Thanks again for all your comments! :)

  12. I usually have my home computer muted and the firewalls at school don't allow the pop-up players, so it doesn't bother me, but I was just wondering the same thing about our family blog! I think I'll do what you did and disable the auto start, since I do find it annoying myself. :)

    At work I see just a little blue. At home I see the yellow.

    I don't log in. I don't see twitter updates.