Friday, May 22, 2009

Starbucks Cup I love you, but Your Wrong

So today this is what my delicious Starbucks cup said to me:

The Way I See It #21

People need to see that,

far from being an obstacle,

the world's diversity

of languages, religions and

traditions is a great treasure,

affording us precious

opportunities to recognize

ourselves in others.

--Youssou N'Dour


I don't know you Youssou N'Dour, but I do have to disagree with you {the religion part}. I don't quite get what he's trying to say in this quote. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong, how does this help us see ourselves in others? really, I'm not getting it, someone please explain if you have ideas. I do think the language & traditions part is sound, but not the religion. Of course I feel this way, because I am a Christian who believes in One God and One Christ.. not all this other mumbo-jumbo diversity of religion stuff. I don't get how people feel like it's OK to have religion "diversity"... well I guess hence the word "religion" it is possible for this to happen.

Anyways, if you have an opinion about Mr. Youssou's quote, I would like to hear it. :) {I'm not looking to debate this, just looking to see if I'm reading this wrong, and what inspiration or non-inspiration you get from it}

Ps: I did read up on him on Wiki and he does seem like an influential man who's made some great music & who stands for some great things.. But I can't figure out what "religion" he is, looks like maybe Muslim?


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower. I found you on another blog that I follow (Sarah) and it being such a small world I actually went to school with your husband!

    I believe in One God and One Christ too. However, my interpretation of the quote is to find the similarities in each. Most religions do have a common thread somewhere. So, I took it as find the similarities in each other and appreciate (and possible respectfully disagree with) the differences. Again, just my take! :)

  2. You're reading it right. This is a really common sentiment in our culture. Its underlying premise is that individual religions can't be taken particularly seriously when they claim something is True. A faithful Christian and a faithful Muslim will admit that they can't both be right, though they may agree on some things. Someone like N'Dour will either gloss over the differences, or say that neither gets it quite right and both have valuable things the other doesn't, or get into some philosophical nonsense about truth being nonexistent. I think the proper Christian way to look at it is that yeah, there is value in most other religions, and some may even worship the same God, but anything good in them is also found in some way in Christianity.

  3. I completely agree with you! Thanks for checking out my blog and being my first "follower", you made my day! :p

  4. I like to look at it from this perspective. Sometimes we tend to lump other religions together in a "we're right, you're wrong" mentality. We forget that they are PEOPLE, and it's so easy to dismiss them when they're just a label. But what I've learned just from observing some folks of varying religions, is that it IS kinda inspirational. It's a really mild example, but the only one I have offhand. I went to catholic mass with a friend who was explaining to me what the different aspects were and how they were significant to her faith. When somebody knows their stuff, when you see how dedicated they are to their faith - whether they're Christian or not, it can be enough to make you pause ... make you want to be that dedicated to your own faith, know your stuff, or, by a different token, make you glad that YOU have what you have.

    So yeah. It would be great if everyone was Christian. However, there are still things that can be gained. Also, I notice that a LOT of Christians don't really *know* what they believe and why, and some other religions are really good at their "apologetics". Sometimes it's really good not only to know OUR faith, but where other people are coming from.

    Er. Long message. Hi Mel!i

  5. Wow! I wasn't expecting such awesome responses on this post! Thank you all so much for your insight! you all said some stuff I hadn't quite thought of. :) It's interesting how 1 thing can spark some deep conversation/thought.
    **warning before you read, forgive me if my thoughts go everywhere, I tend to do that.** :)

    I should clarify my thoughts on N'Dour's quote: My take was that he was saying basically this: that ALL religion is good because it creates diversity and not one religion is bad because diversity is good. that's where I have a hard time with this {if that's even what he's saying}. Having the mindset that all religions are ok is not ok. Diversity in this matter seems people pleasing to me; I get the sense that he's really saying this: "believe what you want, think what you want worship what you want.. etc.. because it's all OK, it's DIVERSITY & diversity is good!" Not that I am trying to put words in his mouth, because he may be saying what some of you are, diversity is good because we can learn from each other. But when it comes to religion it is a sticky situation. Lots of people think that all religions lead to the same God, but I surely believe this is false! If Christ isn't Lord, then all your diversity, all your "Good" religion is nothing to me.
    Of course it's admirable when someone of another religion is very diligent in prayer, it's respectable, but I don't encourage it, if its the wrong God their praying to.
    I think diversity shows us that Human beings are passionate, but the passion is sometimes directed towards the wrong thing. If only the path to heaven was a wide one, but it's not, :( and that is something us Christians need not falter on. Yes we can respect and be patient with people (of course! that's LOVE), but to agree with it and call it good because its "different" is wrong. That is not something Christ did while he was here, and I'm sure he won't do it when he returns. :) {oh the day he returns.. wow what a day that will be, I can't even imagine what's it's going to be like, but that's a whole other discussion} :)

    Thanks again for all your awesome thoughts!! Great insight! :)

  6. would tend to agree with previous commentors, i think that we as Christians can be pretty militant toward other religeons and even to the point of God is so much bigger than your god...seeking understanding of the person behind the beliefs goes a long way in developing the relationship where you can show who your God really is. intriguing post.