Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday...

...or whatever food I attempt to make using WW recipes.

So, I have come across this Weight Watcher Wednesday stuff, and would like to part-take in it.
My goal is going to be to try new WW recipes then posting them on Wed. We recently bought a new grill and I have a new WW recipe book for grilling. I want to attempt to make some of this awesome yummy looking foods! :)

I'm thinking maybe the WWWednesday will get me motivated to try new recipes. Cooking is not my forte and I really don't see it becoming my forte anytime soon (maybe if I was a stay at home mom & had more time). But for now I would like to challenge myself by making some new recipes. When cooking, I like my meals simple and to the point, because too may directions in a recipe drive me crazy! I get lost in what comes next and when to do what with what! Thankfully though, the WW recipe books have been great! Their recipes don't normally stress me out {too much}. :grin:

Here is what I made last night:

Weight Watcher Brownies {not on the grill of course, but still WW's}
I've made these a bunch of times, and really like them. They aren't as chewy as other brownies, instead they come out tasting more like cake, which I love, because I love me some good cake! :)

Recipe: Brownie Crunch
Before going into the oven

PS - I also get WW recipes through Hungry-Girl dot com
{I recommend subscribing to their daily e-mail's, they are great! I am always printing the e-mails and adding them to my recipe collection. I have tried a few of the recipes, and have really liked them, even my husband likes them! I will have to post some of the recipes I have already used}
Also to spice up this Wednesday even more:
My friends over at: Operation Skinny Bitc* do this thing called "Roll Call Wednesday"
Where you give an update of your weight and how you have been doing this week:
Well here is my "Roll Call Wednesday" update:
*** PLEASE note that I am going out on a limb and actully telling you all my weight & you know for most girl's {including me} that is NOT and easy thing to do***
I weighed myself today, and so far since Oct. 2008 - I have lost a total of 28 pounds! I was 168.? and now I am at 140. From size 12-13ish to size 6-8ish (pants size). My goal weight is around 130-135.
My motto is this: If you push yourself, you WILL surprise yourself.
..and really that's what I've done to get where I have gotten. :)


  1. congrats on the weight loss. recently lost 28 pounds myself and feel amazing. don't slack off now that you are doing good. it takes management of comes back quickly!

  2. Brain, you are totally right about the management of it. Thank you for the encouragement!

    Congrats to your weight loss too! 28 is the lucky # right now! :0)
    So what did you do to lose all that weight and how long did it take you?

  3. i never thought i would have to do weight watchers, but after Israel was born I knew I needed something. Since then have lost 20 the tools work. Thanks for the recipe:)