Thursday, February 7, 2013

:: 24 Weeks ::

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Welcome to week 24!
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This week... hmm, kind of a blur in this moment,
 because as I type I'm nursing off the worst cold I've had in awhile. 
I am however thankful that it's not the flu. Thank you Lord. 
Congestion is awful though. Not being able to breathe well pretty much stinks!
Praying it passes quickly. 


This week, little guy stepped up his kicking to a whole new level.
It seems like it happened overnight too.
All of a sudden I can feel him A LOT more and on the outside now. Which is really
neat for Kevin and I. He's been able to feel him moving and kicking a lot this week.
Super special. Love it. :)

Kevin began painting the stencil on one of the nursery walls.
This is the wall I plan on putting the crib against.
It's turing out really well! He'll be finishing it this weekend. 
Here's the Etsy shop I bought the stencil from :: OLIVE LEAF STENCILS
 photo 9D3489D0-369C-4DFA-BA59-F136000FBA83-90944-000019DDEF7460CE.jpg  photo 84710F9E-CF37-4A12-AD99-5B266C3E8787-90944-000019DFC10E1B8C.jpg  photo 5EA6B7A8-86CA-4751-8104-9B4C3E89B97E-90944-000019DF37869437.jpg   photo 9E6766E2-523E-4094-B288-2DAD4201AEF9-90944-000019DFE7A1D2E9.jpg
We also found a very nice solid dresser at a re-sale shop in town (the DAV).
We're probably going to paint it white and distress it a little. I think the brown showing through will
go well with the woodsy theme. I'm half tempted to leave it brown, but I'd like to lighten the room more, and I think a white dresser will help that. 
 photo 81F73066-B7AA-47F1-9BB7-EC17A57470EF-33947-00001C256FD013D3.jpg
Cheers to 24 weeks! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks girl! I can see this dresser being your style for sure. :)

  2. Oh that stencil is amazing! It's all coming together so great! You still look absolutely adorable!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks girl! I'm excited about it coming together. Just wanting this cold to leave so I can get painting! I'll feel better once that gets done. ;)

  3. That looks fantastic. You look fantastic! Hope you feel better soon

  4. Aw congrats! You look awesome and I love the wall treatment!! So fun!

  5. Hi! I'm using the same stencil for my nursery and was just wondering if you guys have any tips you could share on the stenciling process? I'm a bit nervous about stenciling and have never done it before.