Thursday, February 14, 2013

:: 25 Weeks :: Nursery Update & Over the Moon

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Welcome to week 25!
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 Something about being 25 weeks felt like a big milestone.
I feel like the next one will be 30 weeks. 

This has been a week of sickness. Kevin and I both caught an awful cold.
We finally went to the doctors on Monday and they put me on some antibiotics along with taking some other meds too. It's definitely helped! I feel like I'm on the up now. Still stuffy and still can't hear in my left ear! BUT thankfully, I'm not feeling as miserable and can function again.

In baby news: our little guy is moving up a storm now.
Every time I lay down he decides it's time to let mama know he's there. ;)
I don't mind though, I really love feeling him move.

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{ I love how you can see the shape of his heart so well } 
Kevin and I are seriously over the moon and can't wait to meet our little guy. 
He's definitely our little Valentine.
We daydream about him, and talk all about how he's going to have us wrapped around his little finger. I can't wait to see his little feet and hands!
Something about baby feet and hands that makes my heart melt. 
Who knew love could feel like this?! I sure didn't! 

:: Nursery Update ::

I changed my nursery mood board.
Sometimes it takes me awhile to settle and make up my mind on things, and this is one of them. ;)

Previous board :
 photo BabyVsNurseryPallet_zps39745714.png New board : 
(I'll finally be ordering this weekend! I'm excited)
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Despite the sickness I forced myself to start painting the dresser. 
I was too anxious to wait, and it was a good distraction over the weekend, while being cooped up. 
I'll be finishing it this weekend. :)
It's going to be a very light whitish grey. 
I started out painting it pure white, but the paint I bought was NOT working out. 
Without going into all the details, I decided to switch paints and go with a different color. 
I also don't think I'm going to distress the dresser. When it comes to decor in our house, Kevin and I aren't the biggest fans of distressed items. We like vintage, but with more of a modern twist.
Who knows though, I might change my mind again, we'll see. ;P
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(ignore my PINK dinning room chairs. They clash in this room, and I'm in the process of re-doing those too. They used to match when we had the dinning room table set up in the other room). ;)

Kevin finished the birch stencil! It looks really great. 
I really appreciate the time and effort he put into it. It wasn't a quick and easy project. 
Especially for a guy, who's not the craftiest. ;) 
{ the rug is green with blueish/grey squares - from TJ Maxx }
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Another decision I'm stuck on is picking a glider. 
I'm picky about the color, and would love for it to match the room well, but some are so expensive! 
Any suggestions?   
Cheers to 25 weeks, and on to many more!


  1. Oooooooh I'm kinda glad youdid away with the brown color. As far as gliders, what about a colored wood that picks up on the browns that are in your bedding? Or I feel like a light wood like birch might even go really well. It seems like gliders only come in white or oak and that can be boring so I see how it may be hard. Excited to see the finished room!

  2. Hey, thanks Christina! Yeah I was feeling the brown, glad I didn't go with it too. ;) We actually settled on a glider this weekend. Bought it online with Target. It's grey with black wood. It was the cheapest I could find in colors that I liked. I'm hoping it's a decent one, it had good reviews, so we shall see. ;)