Friday, February 1, 2013

:: 23 Weeks :: Bedding & a Bare Belly

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Welcome to 23 weeks!
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This has been a good week! 
Been feeling well, but a bit more tired. 

Kevin put together the crib and began painting the nursery this week. 
One step closer! :)
I feel silly saying this, but I've been having a ridiculously hard time picking out the bedding. 
To help me out I decided to put together a mood board of all the choices I was pondering on. 
I showed it to Kevin and he helped me narrow it down.
This is what we came up with. 
What do you think???
*We are going for a woodsy modern feel, without going too overboard.
 photo BabyVsNurseryPallet_zps39745714.png
Now that I have a lot of growth taking place, I figured it's about time I document some bare belly shots.
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  1. Oh you look so adorable! Love seeing your belly growing each week! I love the crib bedding you've picked out! Are you going to make it yourself or get someone to make it for you? I would recommend having 2 boppy covers and at least 3 changing pad covers! Those first months there are lots of accidents! :)

    1. Thanks Ash! It's neat to see my belly grow for sure! ;P I'm actually having a girl from Etsy make my bedding. Now that I've finally decided what I want it to be I can't wait to get it ordered. Good call and info on needing more covers! I would have never known. Might have to add that to the order ;) haha

    2. I was going to ask you where you were ordering through easy, but I saw in the comments below! I love her shop and read her blog too! So awesome! Can't wait to see what she puts together for you!! And yes on the extra changing table pads! Oh my goodness- during those first few weeks, the 2 we had weren't even enough and we made do with some blankets. I've heard this is especially true for boys! ;)

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  3. yay for 23 weeks- you look so good! I'm 28 weeks and haven't even started a nursery- now i'm feeling behind!

    1. Hi Anne!

      Congrats to you! You look great in your pictures. :) Oh girl, I am so anxious to get our nursery done. I just want it done, so I can focus on other things, and not feel like I have a million things to do before our little Mr. arrives!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Such great pictures and I love your bedding fabric choices! Where did you find the fabric, local?

  5. Such great pictures and I love the bedding fabric you picked out! Where did you find the fabric, anywhere local?

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks! No I found the fabric on this Etsy shop. I'll be having her make the bedding :)

      Once I order and get it, I'll post how it turned out.