Wednesday, January 23, 2013

:: 22 Weeks :: Nursery Update

B32A0E37-2001-47EB-8D6F-0250AE6FBBC6-50155-00000D208FEA3EAE photo B32A0E37-2001-47EB-8D6F-0250AE6FBBC6-50155-00000D208FEA3EAE-1_zps99889308.jpg
Welcome to 22 weeks baby!
0ECB0BB7-8CB9-4773-B046-9CFE280D867A-50155-00000D24DF34DBDD photo 0ECB0BB7-8CB9-4773-B046-9CFE280D867A-50155-00000D24DF34DBDD-2_zps2f969acc.jpg

Wow! another week down, but still many to go.
Although I feel like I still have awhile till meeting our boy, I have moments where I feel overwhelmed by everything I need to buy and do before he gets here. Those moments feel like it's just not enough time!

This week I've been having a lot of sharp pains in my stomach muscles. 
I definitely feel like I have grown this week.
Kevin's wish is coming true. Even tonight, he (all giddy like) said my belly has gotten significantly bigger in the past two weeks. He said he's always wanted/pictured his wife with a big ol pregnant belly. Thanks hun! ;P 

 It's still mind blowing to me that a baby is in my stomach. 
Where in the world does everything else move to? ;)

::::::::: Nursery Update :::::::::
The crib and mattress came in the mail yesterday.
We haven't put it together yet.
We might be painting the nursery this weekend, which is super exciting to me.
Once it gets painted I feel like I can then start officially decorating the room.

:: Mobile ::
Today I purchased this cute mobile off Etsy.
Since our theme is partly "Where the Wild Things Are" - I thought it would be perfect.
 photo Mobile1_zps1532caa2.jpg
:: Lighting ::
I'm also debating on buying this light from Pottery Barn. 
I'm looking for something rustic, and this is the only semi-decent priced pendant I can
find online (that I like). I'm hoping to shop around at some local shops to see what I can find for cheaper. 
But if nothing else, then I think this will do. :)
 photo Light_zps2b9eb1a0.jpg
:: Toy Box ::
Purchased this awesome Toy Box from Regeneration.
It's a repurposed cargo box from a machine company.
Love it!
ToyBox_zps25cdee68 photo ToyBox_zps25cdee68-1_zps50f49f50.jpg

In other news, I've been reading Baby Wise. 
Great book so far! Now if only I had more time to read all the other books I have pertaining to baby!
That's OK, even though I may sound anxious, I know God has it all in control. 
I'm trying to not fast forward too quickly. I want to enjoy these moments, because I know our boy will be here before we know it. :)


  1. Oh my goodness you look adorable! I remember starting to feel huge these days and then looking back when I was like 7 or 8 months pregnant and saying oh how tiny! It's so funny! Babywise is SUCH a great book! We did the schedule with Emmie from the beginning and she is still one of the best sleepers I've heard of. She doesn't fuss or anything and takes her naps and sleeps through the night! I def recommend BabyWise to everyone! :) And your nursery is going to be so adorable! I love the "where the wild things are" theme and can't wait to see what you are going to do with it!!

    1. Ha, yeah, it's hard to imagine getting too much bigger, but I'm sure it will happen. Thanks for the encouragement with Baby Wise. Every person I know who has used the Baby Wise method has had great success. I have yet to talk to any friends that haven't. Which is really encouraging!
      Thanks! I can't wait to get the nursery completed!

  2. Congratulations!! You are so cute!!! I've secretly been following along (and waiting for you to get a belly!) because we are just a week behind you, also due with a boy:) Sorry I didn't write sooner. My belly is way bigger, I had to switch to the pregnancy panel pants at 14 weeks:( Love that mobile and the PB light. We're working on switching over our girl nursery to a boy one (just bought a new rug and crib skirt and bumper on sale) but first gotta get our daughter outta there and into a big girl room. Lots to do! The time is going to fly by, enjoy all these moments, especially now that its still just the two of you:)

    1. Hi Sarah! How neat that we are so close and both having boys! Congrats to you! You'll have to post pictures of your nursery when you are done! I def. feel like time is flying by too. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Just checkin in to take a peek at my grandson - already so beautiful!

    1. Baby boy is growing good! and can't wait to meet his grandparents. :)