Thursday, January 17, 2013

:: 21 Weeks :: Nursery Update

Welcome to 21 weeks baby!

:: How far along - 21 Weeks
:: Size of baby10 1/2 inches, length of a carrot
:: Total Weight Gain/Loss - hmm, about 14 pounds I think
:: Maternity Clothes - Yes - wearing them everyday
:: Gender - Boy :) so excited to meet him
:: Names - I think we've picked one. Still not sharing though 
:: Movement - Yep it's happening. Some days I can feel him more than others
:: Sleep -Sleeping well for the most part. Have started to have stomach muscle pains at night. I think it's from growing
:: What I miss - having better food digestion
:: Cravings - Nothing extreme. I can tell you that I don't like Chipotle at all. I've tried to eat it a few times while preggo, and it's awful. :( I do really enjoy citrus food. I love lemon yogurt and other fruits. I also prefer to have my water really cold
:: SymptomsWaves of tiredness more than normal. Not able to eat as much food in a sitting as before
:: Best Moment this week – Purchasing some nursery items. It has begun!

::::::::::: Baby Boy's NURSERY :::::::::::   
{ so far } 

Theme :: We're doing a woodsy, modern - "Where the Wild Things Are" theme. 
Colors :: Blue, green, grey, white, wood
Inspiration :: This nursery has been some of my inspiration. I'll be taking some ideas from it. I even found bedding very similar that I'll be having made on Etsy. 
  Purchases so far ::
 Found this basket, globe, pillow and rug at T.J. Maxx
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 Wooden basket from T.J. Maxx too.
5B08D606-B02E-473E-9121-9591D7A69ADA-31763-00000C26AFFD8D89 photo 5B08D606-B02E-473E-9121-9591D7A69ADA-31763-00000C26AFFD8D89-1_zps4f96d16a.jpg
Purchased this stencil for one of the walls. I don't think we'll be putting it on all of the walls. 
Wal-Mart wasn't my first choice to look for a crib or even purchase one, but I saw this crib listed in the top 5 cribs on a blog. I checked it out and found that it has all great reviews! Considering the great reviews, the price being great, and it being the look we were going for, we went for it. 
We should be receiving it next week sometime, so I'll have to let you know how it is once we get it.
(not our bedding)
This is so cute. Fell in love with it as soon as I found it. 
It helps to bring in the woodsy theme we're going for. :)
 I have some other small things I've purchased: crib mattress (talk about a hard decision!), mattress pad, and changing pad. 
I'll post more as the pieces come together. :)

Thought I'd share this precious picture too. 
Kevin talking to our baby. :)
**Excuse my gigantic belly button though**
Just too special to not document. 
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  1. I loooove the colors you chose for the nursery! So exciting!

    Btw, I have a great giveaway going on my blog right now -- would love for you to check it out! xo

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