Monday, February 16, 2009

Part 2 - Best Valentine's Weekend Ever!

All these pictures are from our New Camera
Canon 30D
(remember we are not professionals by any means, just some goofs looking
to capture some meaningful moments. :)
Playing on the new Mac
... and again.

The picture speaks for itself ;)
Kevin reading up on some camera instructions

waking up to the camera

random hallway decor
in the elevator
leaving the Westin - heading to the mall
the awesome outdoors mall- J.Crew WAY over rated -
some chic's are SO obsessed with it - sorry if you are one of them.
love it
walking around
it was a very pretty day :)
can't begin the day without Starbucks!!
the perfect start- to a perfect day.
at the Apple store!! Kevin's play-land

I really liked this chair -
don't know what's up with my facial expression - maybe mid words?
hanging out in Crate&Barrel
I also loved this chair because of the color
had to capture the colors

home after a fun day in Richmond
Kev setting up the Mac for me

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