Sunday, February 15, 2009

Part 1 - Best Valentine's Weekend Ever!

This weekend has been full of so many blessings & surprises.  All week I knew Kevin had something he was planning, I just had no idea it would entail so many wonderful things! On Friday, I was planning to go work out after work (which I have been doing for 2 strait weeks now!!!! YAY!).  So I stopped over in his office to get his iphone, but to my surprise he said, "well you can either go workout or you can go home and get ready to go on a
 trip with me."  Of course I chose the working out JK!! I chose to go home and get ready.  We ended up going to Richmond and staying at the Westin Hotel.  If you haven't been to a Westin I
 highly recommend it!  Before heading to the hotel we stopped and ate dinner at the
 Cheesecake Factory located at the Short Pump Mall.  It's an outdoors mall, so it was really
 neat to be there at night time. Here are some 
pictures of us 
that evening at the mall. 
On our way!
At the Cheesecake Factory
Hanging out waiting to eat
Kevin gets annoyed at me having to take my lotion everywhere!
I can't help it my hands get dry!...
... but he still loves me. :)
We liked the West Elm doors
We also like the water thing - very cool
Kevin and his yummy dessert
So that night at the Westin Kevin and I were just hanging out and little did I know he had even more in store.  
Here's how it went -  I decided to use the bathroom (you know, most people do that), and when I came out, their was a present sitting on the bed with a card!  I was shocked, I was not expecting anything.  Here's the picture of Kevin and the present on the bed + everything
 else to follow  :)
Opening my card 
Reading the card that I later found out had clues 
to what my gifts were. :)
Do you see what I see?  It's a Canon 30D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How is this even possible! Such and AWSOME gift!
Oh wait there's MORE!!!  Another gift!
Me again, COMPLETELY & UTTERLY Shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!
Too cool!!!!  I never thought I would ever have a MacBook!
Too beautiful!  (the MacBook) :)
Kevin playing with the camera - he truly truly made
my dreams come true.  I am so blessed to call him husband
(even without the gifts) - The cool thing is that he loves taking 
pictures too, so the camera is a blessing to both of us. 
(isn't he cute holding a camera? - I think so!)

*** WARNING *** this blog is about to get mushy, read at your own emotional risk. :) 

*I love you Kevin - thank you for being my best friend, for loving me even when I am not lovable, for putting my needs before your own, & for being an awesome man of God.  You are and always will be my hero.  Mah.


  1. So glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Yes, you two are the cutest couple. Hands down. You win. :) Congrats!