Monday, February 23, 2009

The start of week 4

Quick update - I am heading into week 4 or consistent working out. I haven't been weighing myself, because I've realized what the scale says doesn't really matter... what matters is that I am doing what good and right for my body.

Good stuff!

P.S. Pictures of the weekend coming soon!


  1. Scales are horrible. We started a "Big Fat Losers" competition at work, and everyone weighs in every week... well, the number side of things was frustrating me and stressing me out so bad I quit exercising. I said I would keep putting my dollar in the envelope, but that I wasn't going to weigh in anymore. Now I just need to get back on track with the exercise :)

  2. yes scales are horrible!! Here's something to remember to keep you from getting frustrated - once you start working out you begin to build muscle and the fat doesn't necessarily leave as quick as you would expect, so when you weigh yourself to see that you haven't lost anything, BUT that doesn't mean you aren't making progress, muscle is what helps burn fat, so the more muscle you build the more fat you are going to lose. Make sense? That happened to me, I was eating all the right things, working out 4 times a week, and then when I weighed myself later I had gained a pound! what the H? lol So yeah - Don't let the scale get you down! Just get back to working out and that's all that really matters. :) How long are you guys doing the biggest loser thing? Thats a good idea. :)

    Hey so your probably home all alone!! Do you know if Sarah made it to VA ok? :)