Saturday, March 23, 2013

:: 30 Weeks ::

 photo A3D362FA-A9FB-42F3-AFC8-315B68E33B21-49708-00000297086E5897.jpg
Welcome to 30 weeks!
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Wow, am I so thankful to have made it thus far in my pregnancy.
I was anxious to get to 30 weeks. Something about it just felt like a big milestone. 

I'd have to say the two themes of this week have been: TIREDNESS & FORGETFULNESS.
Oh man, those two things kicked into high gear. The two mixed together make a person do and say some interesting things. ;)  

We bought our little guy his first books. 
Can't wait to read them to him.   
 photo 074ED022-1EB1-49BF-83D0-23CD69FE92B6-49708-0000029752FB02D3.jpg
I love soaking up all the time I can get with this guy.
He's been so great through this pregnancy.
He's handled my melts with care, and he's beyond excited to meet our baby.
I love the affection he already shows towards his son. It's precious.  photo 8F175785-795D-49AA-AF05-F766ADEF0127-49708-0000029759A71BD6.jpg 
 I also began working on some hospital outfits for my little guy. More pictures to come.   photo C2DC3923-2063-41D5-AF64-D899255EC7E4-49708-000002974647E308.jpg
:: Random Belly Shots of the Week ::
 photo 0D7E15DA-3142-4DFE-8C07-541796B2C56E-49708-00000296A9760AAC.jpg  photo 0F38EA29-EF86-43EB-98F6-E8007D67C627-49708-0000029672EFBFCE.jpg  photo A92F4E12-E5D2-4398-91E2-C01E9488C881-49708-00000296E7E2FDFC.jpg
Yay to 30 weeks! :)


  1. Congrats on being 30 weeks! I always love finding new mommies to follow. I am 35 weeks myself.


  2. so sweet- loved counting down to baby :)

    the next 10 weeks will go so fast!

  3. yay 30 weeks!!! That is a milestone! You're almost there! Did you make those outfits for your little one? Super cute!!! Can't wait to see more! xoxo