Thursday, March 14, 2013

:: 29 Weeks ::

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 Welcome to week 29!
Well, this week I thought I'd go bare belly for my shots. ;)
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We've got ourselves a growing boy. 
Seems like a lot has taken place this past week too.

For starters:: we received our crib bedding in the mail. 
Who knew such things could be so exciting? ;) 
Unfortunately, the bumper didn't fit correctly though :( BUT THANKFULLY the Etsy seller was so accommodating. She said she could adjust it, and she would pay for shipping too.
Now that's good customer service. 
I'm only showing some pictures of the bedding. 
Once we have it all back together I'll post it in it's full glory.
 photo FA39CBC8-3239-4827-8A3A-601AE394EC28-42166-0000173E470758A4.jpg  photo A1718B89-330B-4A22-83E8-81BDD52BF6A8-42166-0000173E911FD054.jpg  photo A433E72F-76CE-49E3-853E-5ADCA9A288C2-42166-0000173EA98A5C93.jpg  photo E3CE5343-358E-44CB-BFC9-ED50EA14368C-42166-0000173EDB854A70.jpg  photo 1DFC82E6-1403-44E8-8D4F-E79D8B2AB3C4-42166-0000173F01438CA7.jpg
His little TOMS came in the mail. So tiny and so cute! Kevin has also put me on a shoe band. I can't purchase anymore shoes for him he says. ;P That's OK.
I bought these TOMS on sale through Zulily for a great price.
(ps, sorry for the blur behind Kev's head, but babies name is written on the wood).
 photo c9606689-3b2a-42d3-83b6-c4dfb096a55b.jpg
 photo 9e12237f-e555-406e-a077-53938b48f8a3.jpg
His little shoe collection makes me happy happy happy. ;)  photo 0537CE10-9A6D-49B9-A0AF-593F7603DF95-41235-00001730DC5938F7.jpg
 I've been hunting for a decent lamp for the nursery and finally came across this one at Target. 
It's perfect. I like the design and color pop. photo FBEAAF32-A846-4A95-AADE-A443C2378DE7-41235-0000172FE2FC9102.jpg 
We worked on putting up a lot of the decor, and his walls are almost complete! 
We just need to find some book shelves now.
(I'll be posting much better pictures once it's all done. My iphone shots aren't the greatest)
  photo 2022C1E2-9A8D-468A-A9DB-A11A7BE76B46-41235-00001730894AE69E.jpg

 photo 651434D7-3C16-4A75-98F3-56B73BA512B4-41235-000017309F3CBE50.jpg
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Parenting:: We had our first parenting class this week called "Baby Care."
Some people think it's silly to take these classes, but we don't!
I don't judge anyone for NOT or FOR taking classes
I know a class can only teach you so much and experience is the ultimate teacher, but hey for my sanity, I need to prepare as much as I can. 
If anything the class gave use more of a reality check of what we're about to embark on. And frankly, I think it's better for us to have this reality check now instead of later. ;)
 We were able to take away some really helpful information. Glad we went! 
If anything it was fun to spend time with my hubby and learn through this journey together. 
We have two more classes we're taking in April: Preparing for Childbirth & Infant Safety. 

Here we are on our way to the class. 
Ignore Kevin's scowl. He was making that face because I kept taking pictures of him. ;P
 photo 41C71BCA-966F-4BA2-A694-DB348B557FB0-41235-000017315E3821E5.jpg
We learned how to swaddle a baby - and yes, I had no idea how. ;)
 photo BC992D54-E871-4B47-8F39-FBB30EB86FC5-41235-000017317DA76B61.jpg
Random belly shots of the week::
 photo 4FFA7A77-4A6E-4DA3-9413-155DAF4D9EF0-41235-0000172F46BA24E2.jpg
Cheers to our growing boy!
Can't wait to meet him!! 


  1. Oh my gosh, those little toms kill me! So cute!
    And the bump!! SO tiny, so cute!

  2. the bedding for the crib is so dang cute! I love seeing your excitement as you open the box lol. And those shoes...gah, adorable! :)

  3. I've been following your instagram since the gap giveaway, but am just now getting around to checking out your blog. I'm so in love with what I've seen of your little guys bedroom- too cute!

  4. oh! I love all the fabrics, patterns, and colors you all have chosen! And those TOMS, I die...too stinkin' cute!

  5. Love the "where the wild things are" stuff you have! Super cute! And the toms!! :) adorable! Xoxo