Sunday, November 14, 2010

[[BOLD]]ness like a Treasure.

L - O
          L - O
                    L - O

"L - O - V - E


 B O L Dness"

{famous Matt Cote words at church tonight; taken from the life of Christ}

Praying for the BOLDness:

to love those who may never love me back.
to take a holy stand.
to give with o p e n hearts, and hold with warming hands.
to forgive the "crazies" when they get louder.
to set the boundaries that make us stronger.
to dance in the darkness; knowing we are free.

Loving with BOLDness;
Christ-like: through --> you & --> me.

I thought this might be fitting:

Here's a piece to something I wrote (in my journal) on 1.26.09 when I was going through some pretty tough stuff. I like this because it's real but yet hopeful...

Though the pain remains
retrieves me and holds me back,
God takes my right hand & says, 
"I'm stronger then that."

He steps beneath my shadows
begins to clear a spot, 
Says he'll stay forever
planted like a ROCK.

Anchored through the darkness
swaying through the rain,
This must be LOVE...
He who stays through the pain. 

action verse .