Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"The Way I See It #299"

Kevin is such a giver - I aspire to be more like him.
Kevin and I have set a monthly budget of how much money each of us can spend on "anything" within that month. You know things like Starbucks... Of course I have this awful tendency of spending my portion of the budget at the beginning of the month and by the middle of the month you see me scrounging for change. Kevin on the other hand is wise with his part of the budget and waits patiently before he spends it. So, with that said within the first 2 days of March I already spent my budget!! Heartbreaking, I know! But of course as usual Kevin has not.

Well, all that to say, today Kevin brought me Starbucks to work this morning! Such a treat, because I LOVE Starbucks (obviously)! He knows how much I love the whip cream too, so he even has them put the whip in a separate little cup so it doesn't melt before he gets it to me. But all good treats must be paid for and where is the money coming from? Surely not my budget. His spending money! He is such a generous person, me on the other hand I clench every penny I have and save it for unnecessary things. Not to say I don't like giving or blessing people, I really really do! I just have a hard time taking it out of "my" budget.. I tend to dip into the overall budget. Anyways, he is a blessing in my life, and I can only strive to be more like him. He is such a good example of what thoughtfulness truly is: 1. showing consideration for others; considerate.

I really liked the saying that was on the cup today, here's what it was:

The Way I See It #299

There is a subtle difference

between a mission and a promise.

A mission is something you strive

to accomplish - a promise is

something you are compelled to

keep. One is individual, the other is

shared. When a mission and a

promise are one and the same...

that's when mountains are moved

and races are won.
--Hala Moddelmog
President and CEO,
Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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  1. This may be weird...since I met you once I think, a very long time ago. But I miss Kevin, and the way you described him reminds me of what an amazing guy and friend he was. I am so glad he found you and that you two are so happy :D I wish you both the best in life.