Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day Part 1 -

The start to a beautiful snow fall here in Lynchburg.
Once the snow started really falling, I had to get out in it.
We were so excited, because snow here reminds us so much of home (Michigan).

Playing in the snow.

The doggies liked the snow too!
Then when we thought it couldn't get any better...
Kevin and I woke up to this...
SO much beautiful snow!  
The backyard


Front yard

Leo LOVED the snow, he kept bouncing like a little bunny in it!!
It was so cute.  It took Bailey some time, but eventual had fun in it too. 

Leo being a bunny some more

This is what happens when you let little dogs with long hair 
play outside for awhile
Nice snow dreads huh?

We attempted to thaw the dreads with hair dryers but it wasn't working.
We ended up having to put them in the bath tub.  It was worth it though. 
We got a bunch of funny pictures of them playing outside.

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